Winter Olympics’ Hanbok ‘cultural Plunder?Chinese Embassy statement: totally untenable

2022-05-23 0 By

As the Beijing Winter Olympics kicked off, media around the world rushed to cover the opening ceremony, events and MEDALS.Now, some time has passed since the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, but the relevant topics still do not stop.Most of the international voices praised the opening ceremony, which was not only creative, but also full of ritual.In particular, the scene of soldiers escorting the national flag was awed and moved both at home and abroad.At the same time, there have been some unpleasant voices, such as south Korean public opinion that China’s “hanbok” at the Winter Olympics is “cultural plunder”, which has caused particular dissatisfaction among Chinese netizens, especially ethnic Koreans.During the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, there was a link in which people of different ethnic groups passed the national flag, among which a North Korean girl dressed in local costumes participated.After seeing the stunt, Many South Korean netizens commented that it was plagiarism of South Korean clothing culture and that China was trying to take south Korean culture as its own.In response to the controversy, the Chinese Embassy in South Korea said: “This argument is completely untenable.You know, our country is made up of 56 ethnic groups, including the Korean.China has always attached great importance to each ethnic group, and it makes sense to invite representatives from multiple ethnic groups to attend this Olympic ceremony.How can we talk about cultural plunder when koreans are wearing ethnic costumes?China has always respected The history and culture of Korea, and We hope that the other side will respect the culture and feelings of all our ethnic groups.Finally, the Chinese Embassy stressed that both China and the REPUBLIC of Korea are countries that promote the Olympic cause and maintain close communication in the cause of sports.During the preparations for the Pyeongchang and Beijing Winter Olympics, the two sides have maintained a supportive attitude, which fully demonstrates the friendly relations between the two countries.This year just marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and the ROK. It is hoped that the two countries can work together to deepen cooperation, deepen friendship and bring bilateral relations to a new level.Korean costumes and Hanbok do have certain similarities, but not exactly the same.The Korean nationality is the characteristic nationality of our country and belongs to China, while South Korea is an independent country with completely different nature.Moreover, there are obvious differences between Korean customs and south Korean customs, so there is no such thing as cultural plunder. I hope the South Korean side can recognize the reality and do not spread rumors.With international eyes on the Olympics, South Korea should focus on the positive rather than trying to damage relations.From the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics to now, there has been a lot of praise from all sides.Firstly, they were pleasantly surprised by the wonderful opening ceremony. Secondly, they were satisfied with accommodation, entertainment and food after staying in the Olympic Village.Even Japanese netizens admitted that there was a big difference between the Beijing Olympics and the Tokyo Olympics, with the former clearly winning.As the Beijing Winter Olympics kicked off, Japanese media launched an online survey asking netizens to rate the opening ceremony.As of press time, more than half of the respondents gave the Beijing Winter Olympics full marks, which is the biggest recognition for China.Even before the Beijing Winter Olympics, the international community has been looking forward to it.Because China held the 2008 Olympic Games before the experience, both the opening ceremony and the event process, countries including the International Olympic Committee gave full recognition, there are many people believe that this is an unsurpassed sports ceremony.It is precisely because of the successful experience that countries are curious to see if the Beijing Winter Olympics can catch up with themselves and bring new surprises to the world.Now it looks like China has!