Severe judgment Zhai Xiaochuan, flying kick meng Zikai injured, lost the bottom line, the referee are anxious

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Harsh sentencing ZhaiXiaoChuan, dangling fly legs to kick seriously Meng Zikai, the loss of the bottom line, the referee is nasty ZhaiXiaoChuan for fly legs, rifleman angry kick Meng Zikai head was given a severe punishment, the referee was dumbfounded, finished a game this afternoon, the tianjin team team locker room, the two teams has always been very popular, in addition, we all know that tianjin overall record is very good also,When his team adjusted the foreign aid strategy, it was said that the second and third paragraphs used double foreign aid, and the fourth paragraph used a single foreign aid, which gave full play to the advantages of four or five foreign aid.Say so in the near future, in today’s game with Beijing shougang, we see 14 points behind in the first quarter, but reversed in the second quarter, in the second quarter, he in a quarter of the time, scored 10 Beijing shougang, middle just four points behind him, tianjin team in the third quarter, will continue to take advantage of doubles, but just 7 minutes and 24 seconds left in the third quarter,Tianjin team score is also the most critical moment.Beijing shougang ZhaiXiaoChuan, behavior at that time very calm, also a little unreasonable, he is severely punished by the referee, the situation how, in the competition, the Beijing attacked shougang team, ZhaiXiaoChuan completed a both hands Slam Dunk, then want to catch up in tianjin play a fast break, then starts Meng Zikai wanted to quickly catch fast break, ZhaiXiaoChuan hanging in the air at the time,I don’t know that he is intentionally or unintentionally, he tried to stop Meng Zikai launch a fast break, the emergence of a plane, and then air play on the head of the Meng Zikai directly, then Meng Zikai fell on the ground, then squatted on the ground, we see Meng Zikai at that time, the camera gave him a close-up, feeling his eyes closed head is stable, we really feel,As the captain of Beijing first team, Zhai xiaochuan is heartless and can not serve as a good role model, which really makes us very disappointed and sad.As a former international player, Zhai xiaochuan is also the captain of Beijing Shougang. His role on the pitch is getting smaller and smaller, and his contribution is getting smaller and smaller, but he is using more and more illegal fouls on the pitch. After he finished the kicking and kicking scenes, several referees couldn’t watch any more, and they ran over and called the penalty for the first time.But Zhai xiaochuan, including several of his teammates, believed that Zhai did not mean it, and the media shouted on the sidelines that the referee’s decision was too heavy and there was no violation, when the referee said: “OK, I will make you believe.”Then apply to watch the video playback, the video played, The Beijing team speechless, we see such a game, let our hearts are cool.He is really, really ruthless, as a professional footballer, how can you kick your opponent in the head on the pitch, if the enemy kicks you in the head, does it hurt?Can you take responsibility for that?That’s why we hope every professional player, can adhere to their final results on the pitch, it’s only when you know how to respect your opponent, you can win more popularity, out of respect, we suggest ZhaiXiaoChuan again in the future competition, adhere to the final result, restrict his behavior and action on the court,And realize what he should and shouldn’t do as a captain, and stop bringing unnecessary problems to the team.