Real name exposure!Hainan traffic police publicity 79 “drunk driving” personnel list!

2022-05-23 0 By

In view of the frequent illegal and criminal behaviors of drunk driving throughout the province during the festival, on February 5th, the provincial Traffic police brigade of the provincial Public Security Department deployed and mobilized again, and continued to organize and carry out centralized rectification activities of drunk driving in the province by using police in different places and cross-enforcing the law.To deter drunken driving drunk driving is serious traffic warning education the illegal and criminal behavior drivers province traffic police corps of the public to the society on February 5th, the province is investigated 79 wine driving drunk left left left hainan traffic police personnel list published a batch of drunk driving drunk driving personnel list, said an official with the provincial traffic police corps of the next step, hainan police will continue to expose the typical drunk driving drunk driving is illegal and criminal behavior and accident case,Prompt broad driving person: do not take any chances!Drunk driving will not only be investigated by traffic police, be fined, revoked driver’s license, detention, and even prison, once a traffic accident, harm others harm yourself, lifelong regret!Source: Hainan Media Group