LOL: Designers have a conscience?A number of unpopular heroes strengthen, luna combination to take off again

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Introduction: With the introduction of Zeli, the strength of this hero can be called the strongest in history, the performance of the upper, middle and lower three lines are very bright, but this also caused the attention of designers, many times to weaken Zeli, in the upcoming 12.4 version, fist once again to zeli big cut, QWER four skills are all weakened.Q skills base damage, attack speed conversion ratio, passive collateral damage and slowing effect all cut, but a new crit mechanism, at the same time WE both skill cooldown increase, R skill bonus to attack rate is greatly reduced, is a comprehensive blow, in addition to ze li, 12.4 there are many heroes have been adjusted,Let’s take a look. Let’s take a look.This version of the update, the fist more focus on the cold hero, first tentacle mother, the basic attack speed and attack speed gains, W skill attack bonus, the maximum health damage, from every 100 increased by 2% to 4%;At the same time, Amwood was weakened after the last time, the debut rate and win rate have declined significantly, fist strengthened the basic value of E skill damage reduction, each level increased by 3 points, the damage resistance has improved a lot, but it is difficult to change the status quo of Amwood, The same is true of Eloy, the probability is still cold.Secondly, The flight speed of Hanbing’s big move is improved. After releasing skills, the basic speed is reduced from 1600 to 1500, but the speed will increase by 200 per second, and the maximum can reach 2100. This strengthening is more practical, the hit speed of the big move is greatly improved, but Hanbing is not the version of the hero, but also can not change what;The base armor of skateboard shoes has been increased by 3 points to reach 24.Rambo’s base armor has also been increased by 5 points, which is a big buff and increases his line ability quite a bit.Q’s explosion damage remains unchanged in the early stage, but increases with the register by 5//10/15/20. W’s cooldown has been reduced by 4 points per level, which should improve the current stage entry rate of less than 1%.Xia, Wrist, sword demon also improved, sword demon Q skill additional damage increased, wrist growth health increased, Xia E skill critical hit bonus increased;Finally, the Luna combo, Lucian Q mana cost reduced, na Mei E bonus damage increased by 5 per level, luna combo is expected to fly again.A weakened version of a strong hero, more innocent hero weaken, already mentioned in the beginning, ze li is one of the biggest changes in the hero, in addition to more also weakened, grow their damage reduced from 4.2 to 3.5, R skill level of cooling time is adjusted for the whole 110 seconds, more performance is not outstanding, but it was for the designer, a second single had been cut,Innocent indeed;Second version of the strong Kiana, is once again cut a knife, passive additional attack bonus, reduced from 55 to 40%, the last version was weakened, this version got a knife, it seems that Kiana strength does exceed the standard.The minor mage’s base armor has been reduced by 2 points, but growth armor has been increased from 3.75 to 4. The cooldown of the E skill has also been increased, and the full rank remains unchanged, down from 2/1.5/1/.05, and the base health regeneration per second has been reduced from 1.7 to 1.5, which is understandable.The robot has been used for many versions of T1 support, and finally, the healing effect of Nunu Q on heroes has been reduced from 80% to 60%. Nunu is also very strong in 12.3, which is also a T1 fight, and it is reasonable to see the changes for soft support, which can be seen in the previous article.Version changes this time, the fist emphasis in view of the game on the single auxiliary, and too good jersey, is also rare to strengthened the less popular hero, I love you, she herself, and Roy, chardonnay, ice these heroes, belong to a version of the sewer, although a small, but the key question is not suitable for release, so these strengthening some anodyne,However, Lucian and Nami have a chance to become mainstream again, and the specific performance, or wait for the version of the update, see how the snow data.Conclusion:This is the update content of version 12.4, the enhancement of Rambo and Sword Demon is still quite useful, presumably the performance of the previous unit will be improved a lot, zeli’s words are greatly weakened, the strength of the next version should be greatly reduced, China is expected to launch in mid-February (17th),The previously unupdated version 12.3 will be updated along with 12.4, and there will be several sessions of hero strength consultation.What do you think of the 12.4 update?Welcome to comment!# League of Legends