Dare to “threaten” Putin?Biden didn’t expect bad news from the United States as soon as he got off the plane

2022-05-23 0 By

March 23 morning local time, President of the United States Joe biden officially departs for Europe, open the door of the trip to visit Europe for the third time, after arrived in the Belgian capital Brussels, 23 night local time and then just to “European garden” biden certainly didn’t expect, shortly after the plane, the United States there is a bad news would be.The reason why Europe is biden’s “orchard” is because some experts have pointed out that Biden’s trip to Europe is to “pick fruit”.According to Li Haidong, a professor at China Foreign Affairs University, the main purpose of Biden’s trip to Europe is to pick fruit.According to Li Haidong’s analysis, Washington wants to use the summit to achieve four strategic goals: increasing sanctions against Russia, strengthening aid to Ukraine, coordinating European positions and controlling Europe’s intention of strategic autonomy.As Biden flew to Europe, Secretary of State Blinken issued a statement pointing the finger at Russia.According to US media reports, local time on the morning of 23, Blinken in a statement formally declared that the US government determined that Russian troops in Ukraine committed “war crimes”, should be prosecuted.He also claimed that the question of Russia’s guilt or innocence would ultimately be decided by the courts.Blinken’s threatening statement came on the same day that Russian President Vladimir Putin made a bombshell announcement.According to ria Novosti and other media reports, Putin announced in a video conference on March 23, local time, the supply of gas to the EU 27 and other unfriendly countries and regions will be settled in roubles.And since Russia is the EU’s biggest supplier of natural gas, the ripple effects of Putin’s decision led to bad news for Biden shortly after arriving in Europe — a setback for U.S. stocks.On March 23, after Putin’s announcement, gas prices in Europe jumped 34 percent, according to local media.Meanwhile, U.S. stocks were hurt by a rebound in energy prices, with three major indexes falling.At the end of the day, the Dow was down 1.3%, or more than 400 points, to 34,359, the report noted.Surprisingly, biden’s trip to Europe took on something he didn’t want to see soon after he received the bad news.It is reported that On March 24, biden, nearly 80 years old, attended three summits in succession, namely the NATO summit, the G7 summit and the EU summit.But even with his efforts, his fruit-picking task failed.According to Xinhua News Agency on Sunday, no new joint sanctions against Russia were issued during the three summits held on Saturday.