The women’s football team is the real national football team!Did it make you cry?

2022-05-22 0 By

In the first half of the game, Japan took the lead in scoring.Falling behind, the Chinese women’s soccer team equalized at the start of the second half.After the regular time, neither team scored, the game went into extra time.In the first half of extra time, Japan scored first and China fell behind again.Extra time the second half of the last moment, Wang Shanni against the odds to change life, the equalizer.In a penalty shoot-out, Zhu refused two penalties and Captain Wang Shanshan clinched the final victory, 6-5.Girls, it’s burning!This is our sonorous rose!At the moment when The overall situation of Chinese football is flagging, under the background of fans being crazily “poured shit” in the first two days, the significance of this victory is infinitely magnified, and it is also a guide for the road.Chinese football is too eager for a victory, let alone this kind of comeback, never give up victory.I was moved by the difficult game.There is still a gap between the Japanese women’s football team and the Japanese women’s football team, the other team’s foot skills and tactics are better than us, in the absence of the team’s leader Wang Shuang due to injury, it is difficult for us to advance to the front to organize effective attack, can bite into the overtime, can continue to equalize the score in the end of the extra time, eliminated Japan on penalty kicks, too awesome!By what?I want to talk about the quality of will.The horse is running out, strong soldiers are playing out.He who is not rubbed by heaven is not a hero, and he who is not envied is a mediocrity.Under the premise of inferior strength to opponents, in the absence of stars, even if the whole passivity, even against the wind, reasonable tactical arrangement, super spirit support, but also can win!Because, football is kicked out.The stronger the hand, the more focused you have to be.Go all out, the sweat of the struggle, to become proud of the military MEDALS.Girls, I did it.In the most frustrating and brutal match, the players continued their hope thanks to their hard work and spirit.Their perseverance and the spirit of striving for their ideals can inspire many people.There was a lot of bad talk before the game, as Japan seemed to have a better team and better strategy than China.In such a situation where the odds are not good and the situation is always desperate, the women’s football team did not give up and kept running step by step to recover the game, which is the real sportsmanship.We are also drawn to another quality in these women’s soccer, to understand that they are not just running to win a championship, or playing to change their fate and drive a fancy car.I saw pure respect and love for the game in their eyes.Women’s football team is not the best in Asia in terms of technology, not necessarily in terms of physical strength, but with the spirit.As long as there is a tone in, there is a dead knock to the end mentality!This is Chinese women’s football, no one pays much attention, earns little, but returns too much to our fans.This ball, can give Chinese football too much to think about: no warm-up match is not good?Can’t play well on a long trip?Can’t play if you don’t get paid?Can’t play well without home court?Can’t play well with a new manager?You can’t play against a strong opponent?You can’t play if you fall behind?Can’t win without a big bonus?Not necessarily!Heart, is always a person’s strongest place.Therefore, under the same roof, we really need to trigger a lot of reflection. It is The Chinese women’s football team that has preserved the last dignity of Chinese football.Still remember wang Shuang once sent such a dynamic: when you support women’s football is no longer to satirize men’s football;When will your support be able to see not only us in the national team, but also the other women who play at the club and give them meaning to play?Then we Chinese women’s football team will be really strong in the future.It’s not easy for girls to stick to this sport.Last night’s hot search of the victory, CCTV did not broadcast…But I want to say that on February 6 at 7pm, when we face South Korea in the final, we will be with the women’s team, win or lose.Because, this is the real national football!Before the decisive battle, write down this paragraph of words: you Wang Shanshan what all play guard, she can play yao?Play with!She’s capable of that, you know?Go on and win Vietnam, win Vietnam and win Japan…Finally beat Korea…I got my face back!