Original god: Zero life 8 double team share

2022-05-22 0 By

The purpose of this post is to share the team, not to advise smoking or not smoking.1. It takes about 2 seconds to cast E skill three times. 2.6. E has a small damage area and is almost a single skill, so yaezu, Manha, and Zhong are used to supplement the damage.1. Wanye belt West wind, card CD play e skill, can produce a large number of white balls while continuing to do not eat the snapshot yagai Guai damage reduction, can also solve the group problem.2. Zhong Li shield solves the anti-interruption problem during the yaeku skill cast, lasting 20 anti-damage is also yaeku can eat full, yaeku can also take the west wind if the energy is not enough.3. Emperor female with qiyan cover, buff trigger, is also commonly used thunder charging treasure.It’s very simple. Ozzy and Chung are constantly off the shield, and Wanye cuts out every six seconds. Press E.Eight times each cycle is divided into two sections, the first eee to cut people, the second time only qeee.Zero life one essence eight weight 2+2 panel 2200/70/210, charge 140, go to the bottom half of the abyss each cycle can be enlarged, the average layer of more than 70 seconds, the strength is ok.Ascending space 1. Imperial female belt end 2. Instructor Zhong Li 3. Where resistance to interruption is not required (such as bleeding dog), change zhong Li to Mona/Xinhai.