Jiao Fanghai: Chinese New Year (Three Poems)

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Chinese New Year poem (three)/JiaoFang sea (a) New Year’s eve used orientation or pick up the case for dishes that look to god face red light high up the night like a day for a New Year’s eve firecrackers (2) New Year toward YanZhuang hurry happy ying ying excitedly told everyone laugh line two or three words “hello” “get rich” WenShengSheng (三) sorrow degrees out a years quietly climbed the forehead wrinkles turn calendar: increase the sunset time gradually short note:The picture comes from the network, if there is any problem, please contact the background to delete.About the author: Jiao Fanghai was born on the 7th day of the 12th lunar month in 1951.Changqing District, Ji ‘nan City, Shi Guanzhuang street people.Primary school graduate, farming.Used to play blacksmith, porter and social enterprises delivery, division chief, etc.In my spare time, I like writing poems and have published many poems and won many awards.Ji ‘nan daily, economic daily to its poetry has been introduced.Taoxiang literary life, not only today, but also poetry and tomorrow’s sun……”Peach Village literature Garden” is a public platform focusing on true feelings, mainly launched original literary works, occasionally some life encyclopedia and health knowledge, “peach village literature Garden” look forward to your attention, welcome your submission!Note for submission: poems, essays, essays and short stories should be the most positive literary works that do not violate laws and morals and hinder the stability of the country. The maximum number of words should not exceed 2,500.The manuscript must be original and first published. Plagiarism and plagiarism are forbidden. The platform shall not bear any legal responsibility.(Submission format: original text + author photo + author introduction) E-mail: sdfcsyy@163.com (no remuneration)