Wuhan metro will be extended to Xiaogan, and The city will plan 67 major projects this year

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Yangtze River Daily wuhan client on April 8 (reporter Gao Ximing) to accelerate the extension of Wuhan metro Line 20 to Xiaogan Airport economic zone, Wuhan hub direct line project preliminary work;We will further promote barrier-free transfer of social security cards, and basically provide instant reimbursement and settlement services for medical insurance in other places.Recently, Xiaogan city issued “Xiao Han city development in 2022 work points” (hereinafter referred to as “work points”), this year a total of 67 planning xiao Han city major projects, a total investment of 253.6 billion yuan, 38 major matters.The working points, points out that should further deepen the xiao han city infrastructure, docking city, the city industry development, complementary and market factors flow, city public service convergence, the city ecological environment change, should roll in advance a batch of city development of major projects, key cooperation matters fall to the ground, keep the strong trend of city development, andVigorously promote the demonstration of the integration of Filial piety and Han City.To undertake the radiation function of Wuhan Double sub-city and accept the radiation drive of Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone of Chegu Sub-city, strengthen coordination and supporting with Wuhan auto parts industry, actively undertake industrial transfer, and promote the development of new energy vehicles and parts.To accept the radiation and drive of Wuhan Airport Economic Demonstration Zone and Wuhan Airport Economic and Technological Development Zone, promote the integrated development of Xiaonan District and City Airport Economic Zone with Wuhan Airport Economic and technological Development Zone, and jointly plan the layout of transportation infrastructure construction and industrial development and other matters.Jointly compile the Development Plan of Integrating Han and Xiao cities, build a spatial system of integrated development of Xiao and Han cities, and form a unified and coordinated resource allocation system of ecological network, transportation system, infrastructure, public service facilities, and aviation industry between the two cities.Accelerate the construction of xiaogan section of Shanghai-Chongqing-Chengdu high-speed Railway from Wuhan to Yichang project, accelerate the preliminary work of the extension of Wuhan Metro Line 20 to Xiaogan Airport Economic Zone and the wuhan Hub direct line project.Ensure that the qiao-Xiao Highway phase ii is completed, accelerate the construction of the Xiao-Han-Ying And Wu-Da expressways, push for the construction of the Wu-Tian Expressways, and strive for the south and north extension of the Qiao-Han-Ying Expressways, and the west extension of the qiao-Xiao Expressways to complete the preliminary work by December 2022.Ensure the completion of G316 Xiaonan Xinpu to Yunmeng Wuluo section of the new project, G107 National road Xiaogan Xiaogang to Zhanggong Embankment section reconstruction, S105 to S244 municipal upgrading and renovation projects.The construction of G347 Yingcheng section, S114 Caidian Suohe to Hanchuan Alpine section and Guansheng Mountain to Hancai Express connection line, G348 Hanchuan Urban area to 107 National Highway renovation and expansion project hanchuan section will be started.We will accelerate the preliminary work of the Xiaogan – Wuhan express Passage project.We will ensure the completion of the construction of the Tourist highway from Guanyin Lake to Qingliang Village, promote the renovation and expansion of the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway, and start construction of the renovation and expansion project of the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway from Liji to Huangpi in S115 Xiaochang County.In 2022, more than 50 scientific and technological achievements in Wuhan universities and institutes will be transformed into scientific and technological achievements.Relying on wuhan’s rich scientific and technological innovation resources, we will vigorously develop innovation platforms such as innovation parks, university science parks, industrial technology research institutes, provincial enterprise-school joint innovation centers, and various laboratories.Actively docking provincial “32232” science and technology cooperation project, strive for a group of provincial academicians and experts, vice president of science and technology, doctor service group, science and technology commissioners to carry out technical services in Filial Piety.Deepen industrial park cooperation xiaogan High-tech Zone Yanqi Industrial Park.Xiaogan daily reporter Wu Yin taken to explore innovation park to build industry cooperation mechanism, benefit sharing mechanism, information sharing mechanism, promote the xiaogan high-tech laser industrial park, airport economic zone broad intelligent transportation industrial park, xiao han industrial park and so on one batch of han industry platform for cooperation, build a batch of xiao han cooperation industries demonstration zone.The manufacturing industry chain map and industrial investment attraction map of Wuhan Metropolitan area were compiled to promote the improvement of joint investment attraction mechanism.Actively undertake wuhan industrial transfer, to attract a number of enterprises in Han and Han enterprises settled in Xiaogan.We will promote the sharing of public services and improve cross-city government services within the city circle, striving to include more high-frequency government services into the general service items.We will further promote the cartoon swipe of xiaohan public transport, barrier-free transfer and connection of social security cards, real-time reimbursement and settlement of medical insurance in different places, universal use of tourist cards at scenic spots, and mutual recognition and loan of provident fund.Open 1 ~ 2 intercity bus.Joint prevention and treatment of ecological environment should be carried out regularly in the Xiaohan River Basin, innovative law enforcement methods, and off-site law enforcement methods should be explored to carry out inspections at the junction of Fuhe River.We will continue to promote the delineation of the standby water source of The Lanhe River, and make every effort to ensure the environmental safety of the standby water source of the Lanhe River.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com