Is it really luck that women get pregnant at first touch?

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Female pregnancy and childbirth is a major event in life, but women will be different due to different physical conditions, the time for pregnancy will be different.Some women may become pregnant as soon as they have an intimate relationship, while others may spend two or three years trying to conceive and never have a child.There are also some people who are able to get pregnant even with birth control.Apparently fertility is not a matter of luck, but for these reasons: the health of the first couple requires not only good eggs from the woman, but also good tadpoles from the man.Second women’s fallopian tubes also need to be particularly healthy.Women who meet these conditions are more likely to get pregnant.The third is with the living environment, lifestyle, genetic environment and other external factors also have a great relationship;Fourth, the woman’s own factors also have a great relationship, including the condition of the fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus, and the quality of the fertilized eggs.When gestation life, there is a link out of the problem, will make women infertility or difficult to get pregnant.You should also pay attention to age, menstruation, weight, hair, etc.First, if a woman’s optimal childbearing age is over 35, her chances of getting pregnant are greatly reduced. If she marries and has children at the appropriate age, she is more likely to get pregnant.The second is normal menstrual cycle and normal blood loss.You also have a higher chance of having a sex pregnancy during ovulation.Third, the weight should be controlled at a normal level;Fourth, if there is a sudden decrease or increase in hair, it is necessary to timely go to the hormone inspection, the body conditioning.