“Beijing Paralympic Winter Games here we come” three Paralympic Winter Village officially opened

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Three Winter Paralympic villages in Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou officially opened on February 25, according to the Beijing Winter Olympic (PARALYMPIC) organizing committee.On the same day, four teams from five sports, including the Chinese Paralympic ice hockey team, The Paralympic Alpine skiing team, the Paralympic snowboarding team, the Paralympic cross-country skiing team and the Paralympic biathlon team, entered the Paralympic Village, becoming one of the first teams to enter.The three winter Paralympic villages in Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou were all converted from the previous winter Olympic villages. They will conduct the setting and debugging of the paralympic image, barrier-free facilities and other aspects from The day after the closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games (21).On The 23rd, the village was opened to welcome some of the delegation’s advance staff.As a living home for athletes and team officials, the three Winter Paralympic Villages provide food, accommodation and travel services for athletes and team officials during the Winter Paralympic Games.In the village, apartment buildings, fitness center, entertainment center, square area and other areas have been transformed into facilities and temporary barrier-free facilities;The dining room has rearranged the way of seating and drinks, and reserved a wheelchair dining area;The opening of a wheelchair prosthetics repair centre in the Plaza district;In the field of transportation, barrier-free shuttle buses, special platforms and parking Spaces for the disabled are provided, and special auxiliary personnel are provided.Winter paralympic village of staff to carry out the winter paralympics and service knowledge and skills training for the disabled, promote all the staff especially traffic, accommodation, catering, transport and other “a line” staff to grasp winter paralympic games general policies, and service of disabled persons basic etiquette, communication skills and service skills, etc., to create safe, warm and comfortable home of “athletes”.During the Beijing Paralympic Winter Games, the Beijing Paralympic Winter Village is expected to provide more than 1,000 beds, the Yanqing Paralympic Winter Village is expected to accommodate more than 500 athletes and team officials, and the Zhangjiakou Paralympic Winter Village is expected to accommodate more than 700 athletes and team officials.In the paralympic village, village on the same day, the Chinese sports delegation to the paralympic ice hockey team, the paralympic alpine ski team, paralympic veneer ski team, paralympic cross-country ski team and paralympic winter two teams of five projects of four teams in Beijing games organizers strictly implement relevant epidemic prevention and control requirements and flow into the village, safe, well into the winter paralympic village, from now on will be ordered to carry out the adaptive training.The Paralympic snowboarding and cross-country teams will stay in Zhangjiakou Paralympic Village, the Paralympic alpine ski team will stay in Yanqing Paralympic Village, and the Paralympic ice hockey team will stay in Beijing Paralympic Village.The wheelchair curling team will move into the Beijing Winter Paralympic Village on March 2.Today, about 150 athletes and team officials from 11 delegations, including Australia, South Korea and Japan, will also be stationed in the Village.Reporters also learned today that the International Paralympic Committee has approved Puerto Rico to participate.A total of 49 delegations have qualified to participate in the Beijing Winter Paralympics.Previously, 48 delegations qualified to participate in the Beijing Winter Paralympics.Source Guangming Daily editor Liu Juan editor Tian Minjia Yang Tao