Afraid of the end of The World?Don’t worry, there are five big shows to look forward to

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“The World” has completely heated up the kang for the opening of the Chinese opera in 2022.The drama broadcast to 36 episodes, douban opened 8.1, even took 20 full network heat first.According to China Audiovisual Big Data, the viewership of “The World” was 2.611 percent last week, more than double that of the second place.However, as the luo Shibin and Zhou began to fight for his son, Feng Huacheng and Zhou Rong marriage, the plot has gradually entered the end.In just 22 episodes, the 58-episode annual series will come to an end.And the audience’s taste, has been “the beginning” and “the World” two consecutive domestic good drama completely raised, once used to eat good food, then eat bran swallow food, of course, will be more accustomed to.Some viewers have begun to worry: after “The World”, there is still a good drama worth watching?I’ve taken a look at the list of shows, and I think it’s a lot more optimistic than I thought — there are a lot of heavy hitters to bet on, a lot of heavy hitters to bet on.This February, not to mention the relatively distant month of March, has seen a number of reality-heavy dramas.Lei Jiayin, Yuan Quan, Zhang Yixing, Bai Baihe, Tong Dawei, Jiang Xin, Zhang Lingxin and other acting groups will appear in turn.The popularity of family drama brought by “The World” also prompted the three major platforms to launch a family drama, directed by Gao Xixi and starring Yu Hewei, on February 17, which has been broadcast on local TV stations but has not been a star.Wang drama has not ended, a new round of national drama war, and will start.Among them, and will kill which dark horse?Will there be a new King of Chinese opera?Don’t say much, one by one on the kang, while it is hot, check the goods.Maybe the next “The World” will be in it.1, “The World family” starring: Yu Hewei, Yang Tongshu, Liu Tao Broadcast time: broadcast platform: Tencent Video frequency, IQiyi, Youku a word of drama review: Douban 8.3 points of quality old drama, do you chase?It’s 11 years old. What’s there to see?But what if this old drama is directed by Gao Xixi and stars Yu Hewei, Yang Tongshu, Huo Qing, Pan Hong, Li Mingqi and Liu Tao?The show, is to work with wei and gao xixi 2010 big costume drama “three kingdoms” of a real life drama, after time distance and wei cao cao fame and seven years, and now the acting by group of different, the “three kingdoms”, the acting is great, is James Chen, ni da hong, played the most handsome, is NieYuan play zhao zilong,Yu Hewei’s Liu Bei and Lu Yi’s Zhuge Liang were the most questioned characters by netizens.It turned out that Gao was right, but Yu’s popularity was a later-story, so the show was not shown on terrestrial channels until 2012 after it was released in 2011, and never got a chance to be a star.This time, it can be launched on the three platforms simultaneously for two reasons: first, Yu and Great heat.Second, the family drama scene has been warmed up by The World.Although the drama has never hit the stars, it is by no means a bad drama. On the contrary, the drama has a score of 8.3 points on Douban, 0.2 points higher than the world.A key to the show’s success, of course, is the show’s most important protagonist, Yu Hewei, who plays tang Zhongqiu, a funeral parlor makeup artist.In many people’s minds, Yu hewei specializes in costume and period dramas.In fact, yu Hewei, who was not popular at that time, most often played a villain in a big production, and then a hero in a small family drama.This time, Yu hewei definitely played a living brother.The plot revolves around the reunion of three brothers, separated as children and reunited, one as a gangster and the other as a promising young official, while Tang Is despised for his career as an encoffinist.But he still manages to keep his family together, which is what the show is all about.In recent years, there are not many quality family dramas, giving people the feeling that this kind of parental drama has been eliminated from the market.But from “The Joes” to “The World,” time and again, it’s not that people don’t watch family dramas, it’s that there are no good family dramas.And this play is a feast of acting.Yu Hewei’s acting, of course, is very good. The core emotion of the play is that the eldest brother pays for everyone in the family.Huo Qing, who plays opposite him, is Ma Baoping in “Great River 2”, Gu Zhutong in “Armageddon” and Pei Ruhai in “The Forerunner”, are also a rare acting school.Yang Tongshu as Tang Mid-Autumn festival’s wife, in the drama unexpectedly eye-catching, sharp straightforward, lovely sense of joy, absolutely let a person at the moment.Li Mingqi Pan Hong these old drama bone performance, is not to say.As for Liu Tao, who plays Huo Qing’s wife, she is really beautiful in the drama and has not yet become a tyrant.This group of good actors also worked together on a very exciting TV series about ordinary people’s lives, with Yu Hewei’s character saying in the first episode, “This is the first time I’ve tasted Maotai.”This kind of everyday feeling and fireworks, this kind of real low-level people who have not drunk good wine, for Chinese opera, it is really a long time ago.I don’t recommend watching dog blood, sweet pets and strong filters, because the show doesn’t have any.But if you want a good story, a return to the ordinary fireworks of Chinese opera, and a high-level performance of top acting school, it’s your thing.2, “Our Marriage” starring: Tong Dawei, Bai Baihe, Jiang Xin, Wu Junmei Broadcast time: February 21 platform: Beijing SATELLITE TV, Tencent video one word drama review: another “The First half of my life”?An urban drama with a strong cast.Bai Baihe and Tong Dawei co-starred, jiang Xin, Gao Ye and other actors played supporting roles, Zhang Chenguang, Wu Junmei, Hao Ping and other actors played important roles in the drama.There are old opera bones, there are Mesozoic, there are young actors of real power, the cast is very solid.Can code out this lineup, obviously can’t be a simple role, sure enough — Shen Yan + Liu Haibo, the former representative work “The First Half of my Life”, “Time of Gold”, the latter representative work “Trident”, “Chinese relationship”.And this story is still the golden group is very good at, middle-aged couples marriage crisis.Bai Baihe played the heroine to the family once gave up career husband and godson.After her children grow up, she reenters the workplace, only to have a series of conflicts with her husband, played by Tong Dawei, that almost lead to divorce.Of course, the story must have a happy ending, but how middle-aged women manage marriage and career is clearly a contemporary issue.”The Perfect Partner,” Gao Yuanyuan’s comeback film on Hunan TV, follows the same formula, but it’s a bit of a pity that the plot is bombastic and the discussion of the subject gets bogged down.Whether the script is good or not is the core factor to measure this kind of urban family drama.From the drama style, the main line is light comedy, which is obviously white baihe and Tong dawei, the most good at the way.And Jiang Xin plays this time, is the female two.No matter according to the law of jiang Xin’s female drama, or the huge potential of urban family drama, or Shen Yan’s narrative means, scenes and characters of this kind of theme, “Our Marriage” has the potential to become a big hit.Can Bai Baihe win the battle?This is the best chance.3, “the story of the time” starring: Lin Yun, High To Ting broadcast time: February 20 platform: CCTV-8, iQiyi a word of drama review: another era of big play, old play bone can move Lin Yun?Just by looking at the title, you can guess: this is a real period drama.However, this time the actors are younger, the leading role is Lin Yun, Gao Zhiting, supporting roles are Ge Zheng, He Peng, Li Hongtao, Wang Haiyan, Hou Yansong and so on.From the story of the play in the 90 s to early 2000 Qingdao as the background, tells the story of Chen Lin Yun plays a and lodged in the chens heavy feeling heavy righteousness partner never put off till tomorrow what you can live with the tube-shaped apartments myself 10 years of twists and turns, depicts a group of teenagers in 90 s era change grew up in the struggle, not the youth, the inspirational story of the pursuit of a better life.In the past, when it comes to period dramas, people always think that they are grand and grand, but most of them are serious and sophisticated.Even though “The World” is a big hit, it has not caused a huge popularity among young audiences.Drama enabled this wave of young actors, obviously, is for the period of drama to increase a kind and lively, a fresh vitality.But Lin Yun, apparently also led to the biggest challenge of the play: the star girl performance, can be reformed?The explosion of “The World” has proved one thing: as long as the film is down-to-earth and well-shot, period dramas can be embraced by the whole Network.Can “Through Time” continue that success and attract more young viewers?Let’s witness it together.4, “Bone Language 2” starring: Zhang Ling Xin broadcast time: February 21 platform: Tencent video a word drama review: topic mystery drama, kill back?I didn’t expect to see a sequel three years after the 2018 movie bone Talk.Drama ADAPTS the experience of wang Xuemei of female medical examiner and become, what tell about is special case group detects the story of all sorts of bizarre cases.The first one is all about suspense, hardcore mystery and scale.There’s imagination, there’s inversion, there’s energy.Unfortunately, it got a 5.9 on Douban due to various plot loopholes.At that time, there was almost no domestic suspense drama on the subject of forensic medicine, and there was not much production experience.This show, of course, fills that gap.3 years later, when zhang Ling xin played the heroine, with her forensic team back, continue to crack all kinds of major cases, bizarre cases, obviously, will face is a group of more demanding audience.The second part of the most stable is still the main actor, Zhang Ling xin played “parents love” Jiang Yafei, “Nirvana in Fire” xia Dong, acting steady enough, the image is tough enough, is indeed the best candidate to play a workaholic female medical examiner Summer Ying.But the biggest challenge for sequels is whether they can fill in the gaps in story and detail while keeping up with the original.Suspense to be solved, is a success or failure, watch again.5, “Meet The Season” starring: Lei Jiayin, Yuan Quan, Zhang Yixing, Jia Nailiang, Luo Haiqiong, Liang Guanhua Broadcast time: February 23 platform: Dragon TV, Zhejiang TV, Youku a word of drama review: midday sunshine + Lei Jiayin, will this time even break?This is a wonderful combination: Noon Sunshine, the production company of the beginning, the first hit of 2022 Chinese DRAMA, and Lei Jiayin, the leading actor of the second hit, The World.The leading actress is Yuan Quan, who collaborated with Lei Jiayin in The first Half of My Life.Almost hit a hit in the face.Renamed “Meet The Season,” the midday sunshine family drama is based on a novel of the same name written by Ah Nai, who also wrote the drama.Director is “all very well” director – noon sunshine in the second generation of the director of Kan Chuan 訸.Drama around two families two generations of ten years of enmity entanglements, tells the story of Jian Hongcheng (Lei Jiayin ornaments) and Ning Yu (Yuan Quan ornaments) middle-aged reunion, a total of midlife crisis, a total of the story of the feud.If the original title of the play highlighted the middle-aged face of emotion and reality, then the new title is clearly more prominent — even middle-aged people, also see the infinite possibilities of “meet you”.Compared to “the world” honest bingkun, the play played by Lei Jiayin is obviously a ruthless role.He played macro into the early years by his sister and brother-in-law forced to leave home, small business alone, but his father’s hometown factory is facing the risk of being sold by his brother-in-law, in order to keep his father’s efforts for many years, he returned to his hometown to deal with the transfer of the factory.But met yuan Quan played the love of ning yu, also opened the truth behind the two family feuds.Lei Ga-eum, who is entering her peak performance period and is on her way to becoming a national actress, is still prominent in the drama with her eyes and facial expressions. Viewers who follow the drama will soon recognize the difference between Byeong-gon and Hong-seong.Wintenberger e in the play of makeup look gaunt, also caused some media questioned, but the gaunt, actually just conform to the state of the characters, and acting more and more bright eye wintenberger e in recent years, even if it’s just the trailer, whether it be kyrre tear down this street outbreak of despair or the role of restraint of 7 dimensions, are in tension.In addition, there is Liang Guanhua’s villain performance, Luo Haiqiong’s subversive performance, as well as Jia Nailang, Li Naiwen and other old drama bone, drama performance quality is stable enough.Can explode, two big suspense: it is jian Chuan 訸 can handle this story full of familial enmity, middle-aged men and women.The other is whether Zhang Yixing can play ning Shu, the most powerful role in the drama.Above, is the next domestic drama.To sum up briefly, this is a period drama, family drama and urban drama jointly triggered by the upsurge of Chinese drama realistic theme.Have family, have blood, have burning ideal, have years of feelings.This is already the most concentrated, the most intense direction of domestic dramas?To be sure, at least, it represents a new breakthrough for Chinese opera after costume dramas increasingly tire audiences.But, in the final analysis, no matter what type you put on a Chinese drama, whether it is good or not, the audience must agree.What is a good play?It is able to capture our yearning, real humanity, and our common memories of the past. It is a harmony between the creator and the audience.Its power lies not in the volume of the play.It’s the echo you receive.After The World, can Chinese dramas make more young audiences fall in love with period dramas and family dramas?I very much agree with the world director Li Lu said: “Do not underestimate any generation of young people, post-80s do not underestimate post-90s, post-90s do not underestimate post-00s.First say good not good-looking, don’t say you much senior, good-looking see, not good-looking again ‘senior’ somebody else all don’t see.”