Which neighboring countries like Chinese?Which neighboring countries hate the Chinese?

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Some netizens asked: “Why do our neighboring countries seem to dislike the Chinese?”Did we do something wrong?Is it that we Chinese are overbearing?Is it that we Chinese really hate it?Today, Lao Feng is impartial, neither blowing nor black, in all seriousness, to answer this question for everyone.Ask “Yes” first, then “why”.Not all of our neighboring countries dislike the Chinese.To say that “none of our neighbors like the Chinese” is not true.In fact, our country has 14 land neighbors, they are: North Korea, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam.Among the 14 neighboring countries, those who don’t like us Chinese are mainly these 3: Mongolia, India and Vietnam.The remaining 11 land-based neighbors (North Korea, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, Laos) had “neutral”, “slightly positive” and “positive” views of us Chinese.After reading this, do you want to say, Lao Feng, are you deliberately “positive energy”, deliberately defending the Chinese people?Not really.I am simply stating a simple, objective and verifiable fact: of China’s 14 land neighbors, only 3 hate China, and the remaining 11 do not hate China.That is to say, objectively: China and its neighbors are not getting along too badly.That’s a fact. You can look it up.Lao Feng didn’t lie to you, and he never would.Of particular note is Russia.In fact, Russian opinion of the Chinese has shifted in a positive direction in the last 20 years, thanks to China’s growing power and the strengthening of its alliance with Russia.The accompanying image is a 2018 poll from the Pew Research Center, a US pollster and think tank. Note the bottom line.Polls show that as many as 70% of Russians like China and only 24% dislike China (the remaining 6% did not answer).As shown in the picture, as many as 70% of Russian respondents said they like China. Now, we know that the saying that “our neighbors don’t like Chinese people” is actually not true. It is our illusion.This delusion is often referred to as the “survivor bias” : China haters are often particularly vocal.However, people who like China and do not hate China are basically silent.This is where the “survivor bias” comes in.On the other hand, Pakistan is the only country among our 14 land neighbours that likes the Chinese very much.Perhaps, our netizens are still not reconciled, or will ask: 14 neighbors, only one iron friend of Pakistan, we Chinese, is it also a failure?To say.Failure is not failure, it is relative.Today, Lao Feng takes us to have a look at the world.Let’s go and see how the other developed and underdeveloped countries of the world are getting along with their neighbors.Taking a look at relevant data around the world, we can easily find such an interesting phenomenon, that is: neighbors hate each other is a universal phenomenon. Yes.I found an interesting phenomenon: it is quite common for neighboring countries to dislike and dislike each other, even in developed countries.Let’s take a few examples and talk about them roughly: First, the United States.The United States has two land neighbors, Canada and Mexico.Canada and the United States do have a good relationship.But Mexicans and Americans don’t like each other.You ask a Mexican, “What are the Americans like?”Mexicans will tell you, “They’re bandits.”Why is that?There are many reasons, but one of the most important reasons is that the United States and Mexico have a history of bad blood: the United States used to occupy Mexican territory.Yes, the United States has been a bully in its history.The yellow area on the left is the land that the United States occupied in Mexico through war or other means and besides Mexico, the maritime neighbors across the sea from the United States, like Haiti and Cuba, they don’t have a very good impression of the United States either.Or take Germany.Germans claim high quality, but in fact, Europeans do not like Germans very much.Germany has nine land neighbors: Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Denmark.Of the nine neighbours, five clearly dislike the Germans: France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Poland.The belgians, Czechs, Luxembourgs and Danes don’t really like the Germans much either, but they hate them less.Germans, who are known for their high quality, are not loved in Europe. Another example is Vietnam.Vietnam has three land neighbors: Cambodia, Laos and China.Interesting fact: All three of Vietnam’s neighbors don’t like Vietnam.All three of Vietnam’s land neighbors hate Vietnam, without exception: Russia.Russia also has 14 land neighbors: Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, and North Korea.Interestingly, of Russia’s 14 neighbors, only Mongolia and North Korea like Russia.The other 12 neighbors, they don’t like Russia very much.Take another example: Turkey.Turkey’s land-based neighbors include Bulgaria, Georgia, Syria, Iraq, Iran and so on.Funny thing: Almost all of its neighbors don’t like Turkey.Take one final example: Iran.Iran’s land neighbors are: Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Turkey, Azerbaijan and so on.Almost all of its neighbors dislike Iran, too.Basically, Iran’s neighbors do not like Iran, so we look around the world, we will find: in fact, in this global village, it is not only China that is hated by several neighboring countries, there are many countries in the world, are hated by neighbors, this is a common phenomenon.Many so-called “civilized” countries, such as the US and Germany, also did not get along well with their neighbors.Here, everyone should pay attention to: I’m not saying that we Chinese do everything perfectly, I didn’t say, we China has never done anything wrong, I am here just honestly, objectively, fairly pointed out a phenomenon: in the world, by our neighbours hate country, there are many, many, but not by neighbors hate countries, seems to have not a lot.So why is that?Why is being hated by our neighbors a common phenomenon in our global village?This phenomenon may be related to the following law: The closer people get, the more conflicts they will have. Yes, the closer people get to each other, the more conflicts and disputes they will have.It is a common phenomenon in human society that the closer they are to each other, the more conflicts there will be. For example, the probability of colleagues in the same department of a company disliking each other is much higher than that of colleagues in different departments disliking each other.Between country and country, I think, in fact is the same reason: adjacent countries, the border, the elbow, derived from geopolitical interests relationship is complex, and more, long-term, contradiction is much, the dispute is much, much historical grievances, so, time is long, don’t like each other, is a natural.For example, Vietnamese hate Chinese, but do South Africans hate Chinese?Don’t hate.In the same way, South Africans don’t hate Vietnamese.Why is that?Because it is too far away, less contact, do not know, hate what, also don’t talk about.In fact, this phenomenon occurs even in a country, for example: Hebei and Henan border, Hebei people do not like henan people.However, hainanese people will not dislike henan people, why?Because Hainan and Henan are too far away from each other to share a border, they have little contact and contact with each other.So why can’t we Chinese be extremely kind and win unanimous praise, praise and praise from all 14 neighboring countries?The answer is: it’s a distant ideal.On a practical level, it’s hard to do.Why is that?Let me take the territorial dispute as an example.In history, there is no national boundaries, or is fuzzy, the frontier there are lots of places, he said him, I say, both sides can find a lot of “historical evidence”, however, the territory is the core issue, the two sides of the disputed government, in order to maintain them, can’t concessions on such a matter of principle, so the quarrel is inevitable, what do you want to be a good man,In fact, there are great difficulties.Not only are we unable to do this, but our neighbours are also unable to do this.The problem, the difficulty is here.At this point, Lao Feng needs to reiterate that this article is merely an objective point out that it is common for countries on earth to be hated by their neighbors, and it is not intended to defend the Chinese people.Lao Feng admitted that Chinese people need to improve a lot, such as the sense of public morality and so on, especially some Chinese tourists abroad, it is really a shame, Lao Feng not only admitted this, but also often joked about this, but this is another topic, next time.