What’s the best way to save 10,000 yuan?Three ways to save money, according to their own needs of the seat

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Today’s bank deposits, the interest can be said to have fallen to the freezing point.Even so, many people prefer to keep their money in the bank.Who makes a bank account one of the safest ways to manage your money?Of course, even if the interest rate on bank deposits is low, whoever saves money wants to get the highest interest rate possible.This article xi CAI jun to talk about, 10,000 yuan how to save interest the most cost-effective.What’s the best way to save 10,000 yuan?Is the so-called knife is not wrong to cut wood workers, before saving money, it is best to be able to clear their own savings needs, because only clear demand, in order to find the most appropriate saving scheme quickly.Generally speaking, most people have two main saving needs, one is interest and the other is liquidity.As for safety, since the safety of deposits is very high, and all types of deposits are similar, so there is no need to consider too much.From a depositor’s point of view, the higher the interest rate and the higher the liquidity, it is difficult to have both, so there must be a trade-off.How to make a choice depends on the individual’s saving needs.First, if there is no liquidity requirement, the most cost-effective way to save money is in the account with the highest interest rate.Among the fixed-rate deposits, certificates of deposit (CDS) have the highest interest rate, but only 10,000 yuan is far from the threshold for CDS, so even if you want to save, how can you save the most cost-effective?The next best thing is a time deposit.Among time deposits, the highest interest rate is the 5-year lump-sum deposit and withdrawal time deposit offered by some banks.Part of the banks here, mainly some small and medium-sized banks.However, since there is no benchmark interest rate for 5-year deposits, the interest rates of different banks may vary greatly, so it is necessary to judge whether the 5-year deposit interest rate is relatively high.How are we ordinary savers to judge?The original, simple way.The best way to do this is to compare the interest rates of several banks you care about side by side.If you do not have such conditions, you can check the interest rates of other maturities.If the 5-year deposit interest rate of a bank is high, then the deposit interest rate of other maturities of the bank will rise to a certain extent, or even to the top, for example, the 1-year deposit interest rate reaches 2.25%.The other thing is that the 5-year deposit rate must be higher than the 3-year deposit rate.Secondly, if you have high liquidity requirements and want your savings to be withdrawn at any time without losing interest, you can’t expect to earn much interest.In order to find the best way to save money, there are two options: a notice deposit and a time-demand optional deposit.Both types of deposits have their own advantages. If the maturity is less than three months, a notice deposit is more cost-effective, and if the maturity is more than three months, a time/demand optional deposit is more cost-effective.Third, if you want to consider both interest and liquidity, there are two most cost-effective ways to save.One is to separate savings, such as a little in a demand deposit, a little in a one-year term deposit, and a little in a three-year term deposit.However, since the principal is only 10,000 pieces, even if you want to separate deposit can not be divided into too much.Another way is to keep short-term structured savings.The shortest maturity of structured deposits is less than one month, and the interest rate is not low for short maturities.Some structured deposits with maturities of less than one month can actually earn interest rates comparable to three to five years’ time deposits.However, the interest rate of structured deposit is floating, so if you want to save, you have to bear some risk of interest fluctuation.Author: Long Xiaolin/Reviewed: Zhao Xi