No peace in winter vacation?The teacher is his own sister-in-law, the boy homework is not serious by sister-in-law ruthless training

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For the children who are still in the nature of wanton romance, going to school is a very repellent thing for them, but they also know that although they do not like it in the heart, but it is also a thing that must be done.When summer and winter holidays come, there is no teacher’s supervision, no longer need to do the wrong topic and be criticized by the teacher, this kind of life simply let the children linger.However, not everyone is so lucky, and some children’s holidays can be even more stressful than school.A video of a woman disciplining a young boy at home in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province, went viral again on Jan 24.Because the boy had already made a name for himself once.For some readers, this may be the first time to see that the woman in the video, sitting upright and instructing the little boy, is the boy’s sister-in-law, and his sister-in-law has another identity, that is, his Chinese teacher.Earlier, because the boy was distracted in class, his sister-in-law lectured at home, was photographed by her mother-in-law and posted on the Internet, causing a lot of netizens’ attention.Many people envied the boy having such a good sister-in-law who cared so much for him.Of course, many netizens sympathized with him, even when he got home.After the final exam, the boy went with the wind said that the sister-in-law lecture is also the cause of the incident, the sister-in-law took the homework in her hand and said: “the final exam got a little, I don’t care about you, you went with the wind again?So you can play outside every day.”The boy rubbed his hands nervously and stood erect.Sister-in-law raised her voice, shook her homework and continued: “Winter vacation homework can write paper for me, what are you thinking?”The boy looked at his sister-in-law intently and showed no sign of fear. He seemed to be “used” to the sight.My sister-in-law continued, “Take care of yourself. You say I’m not your own sister. Tell me yourself.A Wolf in the dark.”The boy nodded yes, to his sister-in-law’s words should be heard in the heart.The mother chimed in and said, “You can’t talk like that. Your real sister-in-law is your real sister. It’s wrong.”The heart-washers would have found that the woman’s mother-in-law, the young son’s mother, had shared the video.She likes to share her daughter-in-law and youngest son’s teaching routine, which is really funny.Perhaps for the little boy now, his mind will inevitably think, how so “unlucky”, in school to be disciplined, home to be disciplined.But perhaps in a few years, when he has developed a good study habit and laid a solid foundation of knowledge, he will thank his sister-in-law for her strict upbringing.Life is difficult to get a friend, get a mentor is more difficult, mentor is the life of the noble, he will guide you, enlighten you, let you before the Epiphany, find the most close to the way to success, although you may not understand, but you will accumulate a lot of successful experience, until you understand his heart.