Teachers have become xianglinsister-in-law, easily exposed their salaries, what is causing them to do so?

2022-05-19 0 By

Teachers’ salaries can often be seen on the Internet.And since teachers show their salaries so frequently, netizens have speculated about the motivation for teachers to do so — why do only teachers constantly show their salaries?Don’t people in other industries care about their salaries?In view of the situation that teachers’ salary slips are basked in constantly on the network, this problem should be concerned indeed.So, why do teachers always like Xianglin Sister-in-law bask in wages?I think the reasons are many.First of all, the country attaches great importance to teachers’ salary income is a fundamental reason.Because the Ministry of Education stipulated that “teacher salary income is not lower than local civil servant salary treatment”, and in order to achieve such a goal, the Ministry of Education also turned the door to send inspection group to supervise and check the implementation of the situation, and for the implementation of the local precession encouraging conversation, supervise and urge the implementation.The attention of the state is a focus of attention.In this context, teachers’ salaries are easy to attract attention and resonance, so there is a natural motivation to show their salaries.Secondly, the attention of the state has improved the salary of teachers, but there are still many places where teachers’ salary is still outside the blueprint of education.According to a list of teachers’ salaries published at the beginning of this year, Beijing’s salary reached more than 180,000 yuan a year, while Shaanxi’s salary was only 70,000 yuan, a gap of more than 110,000 yuan — isn’t that a big distance?It is precisely because the gap is constantly being widened, so the low income of teachers in the region is naturally unbalanced in the mind, showing the salary online, in fact, is a psychological catharsis.Of course, it is also expected to attract social attention with the help of the power of the Internet.Third, teachers disclose their salaries. There is another social factor that cannot be ignored. That is, there is a voice in society that thinks teachers’ salaries are high and should not be raised.Are teachers well paid?Although the salaries of teachers in first-tier cities and developed areas are relatively high, compared with other regions, they are still in the middle of the local level.As a teacher, he did not get so much salary, but was gratuitous attack, natural heart uncomfortable, showing salary is a powerful counterattack.In fact, everyone knows that the higher the wages of the industry, the more they do not bask in wages, you see which banks, Internet companies bask in wages?Isn’t the answer self-evident?Of course, it is not necessarily the teachers who share their salaries, but also other people.In this era of “we media”, traffic is king, and the topic of teachers’ salary is a hot social issue, which will naturally be highly concerned. It is natural to make fun of teachers’ salary.Laugh at the teacher, will not have what sequela, because the teacher’s salary is really day difference, this is an indisputable fact;Wages in other industries can have unpredictable consequences — and no one wants to see them.Even for Internet companies, the income gap is also very large, but a exposure may lead to public sentiment fluctuations, bringing unpredictable consequences, who wants to see such a situation?Dear readers, what do you have to say about teachers Posting their salaries on the Internet like Xianglin Sister-in-law?Welcome to leave your comments and discuss.