Pay attention to Chinese New Year!Mr. Yang in Changsha almost had to be hospitalized after falling down because he walked so fast

2022-05-19 0 By

Rednet moment reporter Li Saifeng reported from Changsha, “I really appreciate you helping me solve a big problem during the Spring Festival.”Mr. Yang, 58, looked at his boneless hand with delight.January 31 is the New Year’s Eve, Living in Changsha, Mr. Yang because of the preparation of Chinese New Year food ingredients go too fast, did not pay attention to the foot, accidentally fell, resulting in severe pain in the right wrist to changsha City Hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine south orthopaedic department.After X-ray examination, the attending doctor Li Jun confirmed that Mr. Yang had a comminute fracture of the right distal radius.After a detailed inquiry of the medical history, combined with Mr. Yang’s actual situation, the final decision to adopt traditional Chinese bone-setting techniques for its treatment.After the bonesetting, Mr. Yang’s pain was significantly reduced.The reporter learned that during the Spring Festival due to more rain and snow weather, to Changsha Traditional Chinese Medicine hospital as an example, the average daily reception of about 20 cases of fall patients, mostly middle-aged and elderly people walk in a hurry.”Keep your floors dry at home and avoid wet, greasy floors;Rain and snow weather, reduce unnecessary travel;Don’t look at your phone while walking.”Dr. Li jun said.If you fall and the injury is painful and the movement is limited, a fracture should be highly suspected.The correct way to deal with the injury is not to force, should first slow movement of the limbs, to ensure that the injury is not serious and then slowly up.If the pain is not relieved or affects daily life after cold compress treatment, it is necessary to seek professional doctor for treatment in time.Source: Rednet author: Li Saifeng