Old shed, crop root rot frequently, most of the reason is soil compaction, how to break the key?

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Introduction: Greenhouse planting, crops rot phenomenon, why always in the old shed?The reason is that there are problems in the soil, the most obvious of which is soil compaction.To put it simply, soil is prone to caking, which is very adverse to the growth of crop roots.Most of the old shed prone to planting for many years is caused by improper planting process, but it is not to say that there is no solution.Influence of soil hardening on crops In greenhouse soil hardening, the impact on crops is mainly reflected in what places?Among the most obvious root rot, there are slow crop growth, low survival rates, and diseases and pests that cause some crops.For the harm caused by soil compaction, mainly after soil compaction, it will lead to the rapid decline of oxygen content in the soil.Crop root respiration problems, is bound to affect the growth of crops.For another, the distribution of various nutrients changes as soils harden.It is also a key factor affecting crop growth.① Distribution of crop nutrient elements after soil compaction, various elements in soil fertilization will change.One of the biggest manifestation is that crops will appear deficiency disease, the reason is that after soil hardening, the soil has undergone various changes.Soil ph is not balanced, soil moisture is not uniform.These problems lead to uneven absorption of nutrients by crop roots, resulting in crop growth problems, also known as deficiency disease.② Why the absorption capacity of crop roots is reduced for the growth depth of crop roots, basically about 30 cm.Both the current drip irrigation method and the traditional flood irrigation method must give the crops a thorough irrigation.This is the depth of the soil that must be irrigated, when the soil becomes rigid and the root system cannot grow to its proper depth.If the crop roots only grow to about 10 centimeters of soil at this time, the water and nutrients in the soil can only be absorbed to the position of about 10 centimeters.Such soil compaction can affect the ability of crop roots to absorb nutrients.Old shed, the cause of soil hardening?At this point, in the words of vegetable farmers, the soil has been planted for too long and has no nutrients left.But in fact, it is caused by many unreasonable ways in the process of greenhouse planting, which are related to planting habits, fertilizer use and crop stubble.In terms of modern science and technology: soil aggregate structure is destroyed, resulting in soil hardening phenomenon.The term “soil aggregate structure” should be unknown to many vegetable farmers.In a nutshell, it is made up of little blobs of little blobs of little blobs of little blobs of little blobs of little blobs of little blobs of little blobs of little blobs of little blobs of little blobs of little blobs of little blobs.The measure of soil quality is that the little blobs are not only aerated but also watered.This is very complex for the basic elements of crop growth, whereas the soil simply does not use crop growth, which is the phenomenon of soil compaction.How to treat soil compaction?One of the main causes of soil compaction is the reduction of organic matter in the soil.That is to say, the microorganism in the soil is reduced or the microorganism activity is reduced.This phenomenon, is in the long-term planting process, the use of fertilizer is relatively single, and the amount is very large.The solution is also to start from these aspects, others need time.Before soil hardening, the biggest change is that the ph of soil has changed.For this problem, the first need to test the soil acidity and alkali situation.Use corresponding reagents or fertilizers to blend.And another key is to pay attention to the use of probiotics, increase the content of organic matter in the soil, is also to promote the basic requirements of soil activity.Otherwise, it is a palliative rather than a root cause. The acid and alkali of the soil can not reach the fundamental repair, and soil hardening is still a matter of time.② Irrigation is more important for greenhouse crops.Because the greenhouse itself is planted in winter, and the environment inside the greenhouse itself is high temperature and high humidity, if the amount of irrigation is too large, it will squeeze out the oxygen in the soil.In the case of greenhouse crops, the principle that must be observed is “pouring through, not watering”.In addition, it is recommended to use drip irrigation under film instead of flood irrigation, which can meet the needs of crop growth with less amount of water.Conclusion: Serious soil compaction problems can occur during planting in old sheds.Traditional improvement is really slow, can only use the way of changing soil.The solution is very quick. The key problem is the availability of good enough soil.This method can only be used in urgent situations, more or follow reasonable planting norms, to ensure that the soil can be sustained planting.