Old photos: Yang Mingzhai’s death, the execution of the agent murderers, captured refugees

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The relief of “Six horses of Zhaoling”, which has not been destroyed, was taken in 1907 on the north altar of Zhaoling at Jiu嵕 Mountain, Liquan County, Shaanxi province.Zhaoling mausoleum six jun is one of the most important stone carving facilities on the north altar of The Zhaoling Mausoleum of Li Shimin, Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty. These six jun are the favorite horses of Li Shimin during his life, named respectively “fist hair 䯄”, “Shivarchi”, “white foot black”, “Telepu”, “Qing Zhu” and “Sa Lu Zi”.In 1914, zhao Ling six jun was stolen by the American imperialist Bisbo, now hidden in the University of Pennsylvania museum in Philadelphia, The United States.May 26, 1938, martyr Yang Mingzhai’s “confirmed body” left behind.His demeanor and spirit in the photos fully show the strength and indomitability of a revolutionary martyr, the heart of magnanimity and the power of the Shandong han.Yang Mingzhai, a native of Magezhuang, Mingcun town, Pingdu City, Qingdao city, Shandong Province, worked with Li Dazhao, Chen Duxiu and others. Premier Zhou praised him as a respected “loyal elder” in the history of our Party.He was arrested on trumped-up charges in February 1938 and died in May of the same year.1950, Taiwan.General Wu Shi’s aide-de-camp Nie Xi, at the time of his death, was taken on the execution ground in Taipei’s Machang town.Nie Xi, born in 1917 in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, nie Xi’s public identity is an aide of General Wu Shi, who can be called wu Shi’s right-hand man. When Wu Shi shipped a batch of precious archives to Fuzhou, it was Nie Xi who protected him from catastrophe.Wu Shi and Nie Xi were secretly arrested in 1950 after CAI xiaogan’s mutiny and were killed in the same year.Before he left, he smiled and showed no fear before he died.A 1950s family portrait of the antiquities dealer Loo LOO, who made a fortune in the resale of antiquities, smuggled many of them abroad and dared not return to her homeland until she died.According to statistics, half of the Chinese artifacts were sold overseas after loo loo loo loo, the most famous of which was the stone carvings from the Six horses of the Zhao Mausoleum, as well as bronzes and jade, and he was, in essence, a real antiquities dealer.Loo died in Switzerland in 1957 at the age of 78.In March 1951, lu Yimin, the kuomintang agent who assassinated the martyr Ji Hongchang, was executed.Lu Yimin’s original name was Lu Hongxun. He had a distant relative named Wang Wen, who was also the head of the intelligence group of juntong Tianjin Station.In April 1934, under their direct participation, Ji Hongchang was assassinated and wounded, arrested and later extradited to the Beiping Army branch where he was killed.Lv Yimin because of “meritorious service” by the military bureau director Dai Li trust.After the liberation of Tianjin, two people were arrested by the people.In 1899, a black man in Missouri was paraded naked on trumped-up charges of raping a 14-year-old white girl.Ten minutes later he was hung from a tree by white men.”To be hanged” was at his own request, because the white men planned to burn him.In fact, blacks have been discriminated against since they came to the United States. They are regarded as inferior race, and they are excluded from the mainstream society of the United States today.1948, the eve of the liberation of Shanghai streets, a police patrol with a rope to arrest the two refugees, do not know what crime they committed?The girl in the photo looks young and dazed at the camera, while the crowd behind them is smiling for some reason. But judging from her dress, the homeless people in front of her are not of the same kind. They must be a lady or a noblewoman.