Wushan County: To build a demonstration highland for the whole industrial chain of high-quality green agricultural products

2022-05-18 0 By

Wushan County rong media center on February 1 (reporter Zhang Yanyan Dong Shixiong) nowadays, it is the harvest season of vegetables in the facility greenhouses, in wushan strewn at random have sent vegetable greenhouses, consecutive vegetables are green and vivid, appear particularly attractive.In The Village of Qingchi, Chengguan Town, Wushan County, the green qingchi chives are in the peak sales season, and vegetable greenhouses are everywhere around the busy scene of vegetable farmers harvesting, leaving, binding and loading cars.And vegetable farmers are also busy with vegetable wholesalers from all over the country, Hu Whole vegetable cooperative is qingchi village’s largest vegetable trading point, more than nine o ‘clock in the morning, Hu whole vegetable cooperative manager Cui Huquan will soon be farmers’ leeks loaded truck ended.”We buy about 10 tons of vegetables a day, 3,000 tons a year.Qingchi leek is famous, leek quality is good, our business scope is relatively wide, the east is sold to Xi ‘an, Henan, Shanxi, Sichuan, The north is Lanzhou, Xining, Yinchuan.”Cooperative agent Cui Hu all busy leek loading, told reporters, “now is a good time to early late s, leeks are basically dao leeks, buy some leek dumplings festival is very good, this time we bought leek dragging me to other places sell often in short supply, we make money, people are making money, you can have a good year.”As early as 2005, WuShan County town village pollution-free leek qing pool base was listed as the ministry of agriculture standardization demonstration zone, leek planting integrated multilayer cover, returning yellow board who ensnared, rotten, and other green cycle production technology, produced by leeks rich in a variety of nutrition elements, spicy taste fresh, fat and not wood, in addition to stir-fry, soup made of filling or edible value,There is also the medicinal value of warming the middle and lower qi, tonifying kidney and Yang, invigorating spleen and refreshing, Wushan leek is exported to more than 20 provinces across the country, loved by people.”The clear pool pays special attention to the quality of leeks, in terms of fertilization with farm manure, organic fertilizer, generally do not use pesticides, leeks quality is particularly good.In recent years, in order to increase farmers’ income, after the introduction of two village committees, the masses spontaneously diversified planting, there is a kind of strawberry, there is also a kind of Chinese toon and watermelon, these introduced varieties of quality is very good, but also deeply welcomed by consumers.In recent years, through the introduction of diversified varieties of planting, the income of the people is also very good.”Qingchi Village party general branch deputy secretary Han Wei said.In recent years, Wushan County adhere to the vegetable industry development as the county’s primary industry to plan and promote, through years of development, the scale of vegetable planting continues to expand, the quality of products gradually improved, sales channels more smooth, further elongated industrial chain, significantly improved economic benefits.Wushan has become a well-known “Town of Chinese leek”, a national vegetable standardization demonstration county, a national green agriculture demonstration county, the establishment of the national first batch of facilities vegetable standard garden county, the national vegetable industry key county and the province’s pollution-free vegetable production demonstration county.Liu Shuangquan, deputy director of the Vegetable Industry Development Center of Wushan County, told reporters: “In 2021, the county’s vegetable planting area will reach 410,000 mu, the output will reach 1.32 million tons and the output value will reach 4.1 billion yuan, effectively promoting the county’s economic and social development.Wushan leek, Wushan garlic sprout and Wushan bean have been successfully registered as national geographical indication certification trademarks, and 25 vegetable products such as leek and lettuce have been certified and registered as national Green CLASS A food.”Next, WuShan County will be based on vegetable industry development foundation and advantages, promote the development of vegetable industry and rural revitalization as a whole organic link, with an emphasis on quality, and the efficiency and transformation and upgrading, vigorously implement the seedlings cultivation, production scale, can technology assignment, brand creation, sales income, chain extender chain and so on six big projects, to production and sales as one of the “five billion” vegetable whole industry chain,Strive to build the province’s high-quality green agricultural products whole industry chain demonstration highland.