The eastern zhou in the spring and autumn “appreciation | savage of the grace, don’t forget the past to help to deal with crises

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When Duke Hui of Jin took advantage of his danger to launch an attack on qin, which was hit by natural disasters, Duke Mu of Qin was forced to fight against qin, and the war between Qin and Jin inevitably broke out.The troops of The state of Qin fought back against jin three times and won three victories. In the end, jin Hui fought a decisive battle in Hanyuan. At first, he was reprimanded by Zhi, the son of The state of Qin, and then he learned that the images of gua showed that there was a god helping Qin in the west.When the two sides of the battle was in full swing, a fresh army came unexpectedly, they dressed in savage clothing, riding horses, weapons in hand rushed into the battlefield, who are they?Whose side is it for?Some of them cut down the legs of horses and some killed soldiers. The Jin army was suddenly attacked by such a fresh force. When duke Mu of Qin and Duke Hui of Jin faced each other directly and his life was on the line, the duke of Qin only heard a shout: “Sovereign, we have come to save you.””Having let the jin sergeant who threatened The Duke of Qin beheaded, The Duke of Qin took this opportunity together with the sergeant to capture Duke Yi Wu alive.The war between Qin, Jin and Han ended with the victory of Qin. The king of Jin was captured by Qin and brought back to Qin.So why did this fresh army take the initiative to help Duke Mu of Qin?When the soldiers of the State of Qin were about to kill the savages, The Duke of Qin said, “I can’t kill people because of the horses.”Instead of killing the savages, they offered them wine on the grounds that eating horsemeat without drinking would cause them to burst.Savage are people, there is a feeling, also understand the kindness of the truth, this and as a monarch JinHui is in stark contrast, because of the group of savage has such character, so when they received the news of Qin Mu male and JinHui bus wars, readily on the battlefield to help qin, Qin Mu male to savage grace former paid off at critical moments.