Shuai knows it!Wrong again and again!Big face gets different cards!

2022-05-18 0 By

Hello everyone, welcome to the world of Shin-sayo manga, I am the editor of today’s cute manga.We all know how to take it!A Chinese word for annexing alone, pronounced du tūn, from the Biography of Fan Ju CAI Ze in Records of the Grand Historian.Big face is trying to get A-loser to shop for her again!Also constantly warned ah decline can not be in fan last thing!I don’t know what it is!Big face told A-hole you had the ice cream all to yourself!I don’t remember that well!A-a said it wouldn’t happen this time!Never thought!Ah decline always let big face sister unexpected!Well, this issue of “Ah Shuai” cartoon ends here, there are more wonderful funny stories to share with you one by one, remember to follow me, we will see you next time!Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to small cute cartoonist big face money!Ah shuai run an errand!What a disappointment!Big Face is still working on contact lenses!Ah-ha’s making fun of big face again!