Now many people say that the flavor of New Year is getting weaker, but be sure to visit jiexiu Tai Jin Gu village

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Recently, with big Bao Village of jin village cadres into the continous hills jin village, large village jin mountain scenic area is located in the continous hills in jiexiu city of Shanxi Province and cotton, the advantageous natural environment, the geographical position gave birth to the unique local culture, place oneself among them as if spilled the one hundred thousand calendar, brick by brick, in cities, avoiding Mrs Far away.Red lanterns hung in the streets, some villagers steamed bread, some do braised pork, some chop meat, some fried oil flowers, early people have put up Spring Festival couplets.Went to the great jin village township NiuGuangHai home, his family was careful to spend steamed buns in a cool place, his wife see us said: “if early to late ah, still can catch up with just out of the pot, so I can smell the buns spied, can oneself is the most critical activities, learn our steamed flower craft of steamed buns!”After listening to Niuguanghai silly gas smiled twice.Bao village cadres Wang Hongmei introduced: “Although Niu Guanghai does not love to talk, kind of Chinese herbal medicine but a good hand, but also particularly like lively, before the outbreak of the time also organized noisy social fire activities, very lively.”When it comes to the culture of Shehuo, Niu Guanghai talks more, he is six points happy and four points regret: “The past two years caught up with the epidemic, the situation is tense, do not allow large gatherings, we can not organize activities during the Spring Festival, always feel that the taste of the New Year is not enough.I this’ walking on stilts’ ‘rowing a land boat’…”I hope the epidemic is over and we can continue to promote our traditional festival programs so that more people can see the New Year in this ancient village.”Walking in the traditional village of Dajin, you can feel the strong smell of New Year in every house you pass.The villagers here saw me holding up my phone and asked, “Come to take pictures?”After receiving a positive answer, he continued with a hint of pride in his voice, “Now many people come to our village to take photos. Some of the cameras have long lenses, which look very impressive.”Niu Guanghai, the village party secretary, said happily: “Since Dajin village applied for the traditional village, more and more people come to the village. Many professional photographers come here to take pictures.”Then he opened his mobile phone and began to introduce. He found out the content of the interview last year and shared it with everyone.(pictures turn ancient village line taken) big jin village traditional TianCang day shop lights custom has been around for a long time, 20 in lunar calendar is a traditional festival TianCang, abundant for the families in the form of a spread light, is has obvious characteristic of farming culture festival, reflects people pray for agricultural harvest, animals thrive, expand their mouth.Niu Guanghai said: “now many people do not bother to lay lights, ‘warehouse’ is also a simple add two bowls meaning, the festival has slowly lost his original meaning and good place.”After the introduction, he warmly invited us to visit the village again two days before this year’s “stock”, so that we could catch up with each household to make cake lanterns and make up for the regret of missing steamed huamo and braised pork.Nowadays, many people say that the flavor of The New Year is getting weaker and weaker, but if you want to, you must visit the ancient village of Tai Jin. The peach blossoms are still alive and well in the traditional village of Tai Jin. You will find the flavor of the New Year here is more lasting.The old village is full of festivity, and the atmosphere of the New Year is still strong here.