A few groups of figures take you to view henan highway and waterway integration development

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On January 24, the 2022 Provincial Highway and Waterway Work Conference was held in Zhengzhou.The reporter sorts out several groups of figures in the report and takes you to see the latest achievements of highway and waterway integration development in the whole province.In 2021, the total investment in fixed assets in ordinary roads and waterways will reach 25.99 billion yuan, 138.2% of the annual target of 18.8 billion yuan.Of this, 15.75 billion yuan was invested in ordinary trunk roads, accounting for 175% of the annual target of 9 billion yuan.8.38 billion yuan was invested in rural roads, accounting for 102% of the annual target of 8.2 billion yuan.Inland river transport completed investment of 1.86 billion yuan, accounting for 116 percent of the annual target of 1.6 billion yuan.The annual investment targets for general trunk highways, rural roads and inland river transport were reached 112 days, 36 days and 31 days ahead of schedule respectively. Investment in fixed assets in the industry continued to run at a medium-high level.Two, natural village hardening road:9000 completed the hardened road task of 9000 natural villages throughout the year, and the three-year provincial key livelihood practical project “100 counties, villages into the group” was successfully concluded, with a total of about 39,000 natural villages hardened road, the province’s total 179,000 natural villages with more than 20 households hardened road rate reached 100%, and over ten million people’s travel conditions were directly improved.3. Post-disaster recovery and reconstruction projects: All 78 projects of 1117 ordinary trunk roads in the province were started, with a total investment of 740 million yuan and 3 completed;Of the 1,406 rural road projects, 1,021 have been started, with a total investment of 3.53 billion yuan and 356 completed.All 18 inland river transport projects have been started, with a total investment of 110 million yuan and 9 projects completed.4. Newly rebuilt mileage of ordinary trunk highways:The total mileage of the province’s ordinary trunk highways reached 30,924 kilometers. A large number of key projects such as G107 Xinxiang section, G310 Luoyang Xin ‘an Section, G310 Sanmenxia section were completed and opened to traffic. The main body of G207 Mengzhou Yellow River Bridge was completed.National and provincial transport backbone channels have been further unblocked and connected, and their centralized evacuation function has been significantly enhanced, thus highlighting their important strategic role in supporting economic and social development.The total length of rural roads in The province reached 233,435 kilometers, with 88 percent of towns and townships connected to grade 2 or above roads, 98 percent of towns and townships connected to grade 3 or above roads, 100 percent of administrative villages and 95 percent of natural villages connected to hardened roads.Luoning County X045 on hu line, Wuzhi County X039 Wang Yuan line and other 9 sections of the successful appraisal named, the province’s “beautiful rural road” total mileage reached 364.5 kilometers.Lankao COUNTY X053 Lanzhao line successfully through 2021 national “ten most beautiful rural road” publicity, Luanchuan County Yiyuan Road successfully through 2021 national “my door that road – the most popular road” publicity, is only one of the seven sections of the country.Vi. Improvement of national and provincial roads: a three-year action was launched to improve the condition of ordinary national and provincial roads, and 765 kilometers of roads were improved in the whole year, basically eliminating the bad sections of provincial roads and effectively improving the traffic service capacity of national and provincial roads.7. Port throughput: over 40 million tons, an increase of more than 30% year-on-year;Container shipments reached 18,200 TEU, up nearly five times year on year.Zhoukou Port has been identified as one of the 36 major inland ports in China. Five domestic container lines have been opened to Huai ‘an, Taicang, Lianyungang, Yancheng and Shanghai, and the international container line has been opened to Los Angeles Long Beach Port in the United States. Our province has achieved zero breakthrough in international routes.The layout of inland water transport infrastructure has been improved day by day. The main part of huaihe River Shipping project and Shaying River shipping project has been basically completed, pingdingshan Port and Luhekou Port area of Xinyang Port have been basically completed, and Huaibin Port area of Xinyang Port has been opened and operated.Zhengbukou double-track lock was completed and put into operation, achieving a historic breakthrough of double-track navigation of inland waterway shipping lock in our province.Viii. Provincial-level demonstration counties of “Four Good Rural Roads”Yiyang, baofeng, Shang Yin, 55 QinYang, song, linying county smoothly through the “four good rural road” in 2021 the national demonstration county of the public, luoyang, jiaozuo, puyang city, three pass “four good rural road” demonstration area in 2021 to create outstanding units of the public, our province to continue among the “four good rural road” demonstration to create the first phalanx.Three provincial-level model cities and 12 model counties have been evaluated and named, and 55 provincial-level model counties have been designated as “four good rural roads”. The demonstration work has taken a solid step from regional leadership to meeting the standards of the whole region.Ix. Digital acquisition and processing of assets of ordinary national and provincial roads:18000 kilometers total factor database set up assets, resolutely new infrastructure construction, the provincial roads, video monitoring system construction task was finished ahead of schedule, cities and counties in 1539 self-built video, 4 in bridge health monitoring, 47 construction site dust monitoring field facilities all access platform at the provincial level, provincial road network comprehensive perception of taking shape.(Reporter Zhang Ruili Qian)