Scheming against China, us Allies huddle together!China will not sit back and take aim at US hegemony

2022-05-17 0 By

Photo note: Despite the russia-Ukraine situation, the Japan-France military exercise has attracted most of the attention of the Western world!But on the Chinese side, the United States has not stopped putting pressure on China.In addition, with the u.s.-Russia relations in a deadlock, the United States is even trying to open up a second war on the Chinese side.And while the United States is beefing up its military presence in the Asia-pacific region and trying to put pressure on China from the sea, its Allies have been busy getting together.After the japan-France “2+2” talks, pointing fingers at China-related issues!Recently, the “2+2” talks between The UK and Australia once again launched an unprovoked attack on China.Mr. Biden then opened a dialogue with Mr. Kishida, further framing the targeting of China as key to strengthening the U.S. -Japan alliance.The US is really lighting a fire, and its Allies are trying to add fuel to the fire to be targeted at China!At the end of the day, the United States is lying a lot about just one idea. What if it is really true?Even the US is still confident of its hegemony!If the U.S. tells a lie, it will become the truth.Just as the US was shaking washing powder and western Allies were following the US invasion of Iraq, the US believes that this is just an excuse to plan against China, and the emphasis is still on US influence!And after the United States lit the fire, the Allies gave the United States reaction, if you want to call it a success, should be a success!Europe began to reach out around China, and Japan took on the task of receiving European power.At the same time, Australia, together with Japan, began to actively help the United States to draw in countries in the Indo-Pacific region, trying to help the United States weave a big net to contain China as soon as possible, and help the United States to arm countries around China, trying to create regional tension.However, the United States wants to burn the fire on China’s head, Japan and Australia to run, seems to have no effect!For example, during Moon’s visit to Australia, Morrison tried to use the tiger skin of the United States to pressure Moon to publicly take a stand against China.But Moon took no notice of it, signed a big deal with Australia and then went back to South Korea!Judging from the reactions of other Indo-Pacific countries, even India and the Philippines, which have had confrontations with China, are lukewarm about getting involved in the U.S. ‘s fight against China.Even Duterte publicly said that he would not help the US against China!Therefore, the US plan to contain China in the Indo-Pacific has been successful, which is a good start. However, in terms of results, there is still a long way to go.But China will not sit idly by while the Us weaves its web of containment.China knows very well that the United States is powerful, that it has a lot of military bases around the world, and that the United States, which has spread its force across much of the world, still wields enormous influence.But again, this is America’s strength and America’s weakness!The presence of troops around the world, and active military operations, has greatly depleted American power.In recent years, the US military expenditure has continued to rise, but it has not brought many new weapons to the US military, nor has it brought much increase in combat power to the US military!In addition, the Long-term overseas wars of the United States have created a lot of enemies for the United States in the world. If something happens to the American troops stationed abroad, the deployment of the United States troops abroad will definitely be on fire across the board, thus directly affecting the Hegemony of the United States.In this process, China, Russia and Iran are the key!Major US overseas deployments are all around China, Russia and Iran!With the rapid rise of Russia, Russia and Iran, the United States has become tired in every direction.China, Russia and Iran alone have already caused the US a headache. The successive china-Iran strategic cooperation, russia-Iran strategic cooperation, and even the two china-Russia-Iran joint military exercises are aimed directly at THE US hegemony!All this shows the US that if it overplays its hand with fire, Then Russia, Russia and Iran do not mind an early end to US hegemony.(Zhang You)