Netizens cry over a painting of their 8-year-old daughter after her father threw her into a police station on the eve of Spring Festival

2022-05-17 0 By

The Spring Festival is a time for family reunion, even for those who are on the move for life, they will return to their families with great eagerness.However, in this big world, there are always some people who can’t go home to their loved ones for various reasons. Among all these reasons, the most incredible one is being abandoned by their loved ones.And once a person is intentionally or unintentionally discarded by relatives, I am afraid that this person’s mood will be poor to the extreme.This is not, an 8-year-old girl who was “abandoned” by her father at the police station, its mood is bad to the extreme.The girl is said to have painted a picture of a child’s head with tears in her eyes at the police station, which she titled “Sad Festival” to express her feelings.So, a father, how willing to “abandon” his own daughter in the police station?According to insiders, this is a “strange thing” recently happened in Shiyan, Hubei province.A man had an argument with his wife, which caused her to leave home.After a man looked for his wife in vain and his phone was blocked, he came up with a bizarre idea: he took his eight-year-old daughter to the police station and walked away.”The man took a little girl to the office of the police station. When he saw the policeman on duty, he pushed the girl onto a chair in the office and quickly walked away without saying a word,” the source said.By the time the police on duty were ready to ask him what was going on, he was gone.”The source continued: “When the man could not be found for the time being, the police on duty had to question the girl.The little girl said, ‘My mom and dad had a fight, mom didn’t know where to go, and Dad said he didn’t want me anymore.'” The insider continued: “After the police on duty repeatedly asked the little girl, the police on duty just about understand the situation.So, the police through the phone number said by the little girl, and the little girl’s mother made contact, the little girl begged her mother to come back quickly on the phone, never quarrel with her mother, and begged her mother not to shield his father’s phone.Then, the police through the little girl said the phone number, and the little girl’s father contacted, in the phone, the police on duty to the girl’s father’s behavior put forward severe criticism, asked him to take his daughter home as soon as possible.Later, the girl’s father rushed back to the police station and picked up the girl.”The source said: ‘The girl stayed at the police station for about five or six hours and had lunch at the station at noon.Make the police on duty surprise is: do not know when, the little girl actually drew a quite sentimental picture —– “sad festival”, let all the police present feel a sour nose.When netizens posted the picture, “Sad Festival”, drawn by the little girl on the Internet, many commented that it made them cry.When the man wanted to use his daughter to restrain or coerce his wife, did he think about his daughter’s feelings?Could this man have a heart of stone?Did you not think that doing so would hurt your daughter’s heart?The man was so selfish that he dared to “abandon” his daughter on the eve of the Spring Festival. It really made me angry.Do you have anything to say about that?