Honor!Yueyang 22 units, 695 teachers

2022-05-17 0 By

Today (February 12) morning, the 2022 Yueyang Lou District Education work conference was held in Baiyangpo Primary School of Yueyang Lou District.Four units in Yueyang were awarded the “Red Flag Unit”, 18 units were awarded the “advanced Unit”, and 695 teachers were awarded the “advanced Worker of 2021”.Have a look at your Alma mater and teachers?The year 2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the year of the intersection of the “two centenary”, and the beginning of the implementation of the “14th Five-Year Plan”.This year, under the strong leadership of the district party Committee and the district government, the education system overcame difficulties and struggled hard.The continuous strengthening of infrastructure, continuous optimization of educational resources and steady improvement of educational quality have made breakthroughs in various works, making positive contributions to build Yueyang into a major city and provincial sub-central city construction of the core leading area and the best area.According to the spirit of the document “Notice on 2021 Annual Assessment and Reward work of the Education System of the Whole District” (Yuelou Education (2022) No. 1), after study, the assessment results of 2021 education work of the whole District are hereby notified as follows:Ii. Advanced Workers in 2021 (695) Are there any teachers you know?Tell him the good news!Send a special wish to you!