Art forward, spring in the painting

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Article | Wang Yueyang epidemic raged, raid shen.In this “backward cold” spring, although the sun is shining brightly and flowers are in full bloom outside the window, many artists have responded to the call to stay at home, but they remain true to their original aspiration. At the critical stage of epidemic prevention and control, they stick to the paintbrush and move forward with “art” to jointly protect “Shanghai”.Among them, both Lin Ximing, Dai Duibang, Han Tianheng, Wang Dawen age art, also have Zheng Xin remote, LeZhenWen, relaxation, Wang Jiafang, Ding Xiaofang deeply touch reality, picked up a brush faithfully record dribs and drabs around the painting masters, there are many more enthusiastic young painter who holds volunteers, calligraphy, seal cutting, comics,Or depicting the hard work of medical workers and volunteers during the epidemic…The three generations of artists record this special moment with ink, color and line, and express the extremely complex and rich heart of this moment with their unique works of art.They used their paintings to depict those who are in the face of the epidemic and to praise those who are behind the spring, fully demonstrating the firm faith and brave determination of this megacity with 25 million permanent residents to stand together and overcome difficulties when the storm strikes.Vertical is cold biting, the letter can embrace warm flowers all over the sky.Works: 1. Shanghai Must Win by Zheng Xinyao (chairman of Shanghai Artists Association) 2. Everything Goes well by Lin Ximing (98) 3.Dai Dun-bang (85) cut the Devil with a Sword (4) Han Chun-hyeong (83) Taepyeong (seal cutting) (5)Wang Dawen (82) ‘Peace is A Blessing’ 6. MAO Guolun (79) ‘The Front Is Calling’ 7.Zhang Peicheng (75) ‘Spring Will Come’ 8. Huang A-zhong (71) ‘Blue Sky Outside my Window’ 9.Le Zhenwen, Zhang Chi “Attack before dawn” 10. Wang Jiafang “Day and night, Love boundless” 11.Ding Xiaofang “Decisive Battle decisive Victory” 12. Wan Fei “Stay at Home” 13. Pang Fei “Shanghai Refueling” (seal cutting) 14.Together in the Same Boat by Xu Xufeng