Do not have the town dweller of farmer collective member qualification, cannot apply for homestead certainly?

2022-05-16 0 By

At present, the pilot reform of homestead system is being promoted. It is generally accepted that urban residents with household registration have no right to apply for homestead again, but this regulation is also questioned by a considerable number of people.Before 1999, China’s laws and regulations clearly stipulated that workers, veterans, retired cadres and overseas Chinese returning home to live, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots can apply for homestead after approval. It can be said that this provision will not lead to a large number of urban residents flooding into the countryside, occupying farmers homestead.Because this one regulation has two premises, it is to agree with original farmer collective through approval;Second, these returnees are originally from rural areas where their ancestors lived for generations. It is a traditional Chinese custom to return fallen leaves to their roots and say goodbye to their elders.In addition, many places are now encouraging local sages to return home and contribute to the construction of their hometown.It is obviously biased to stipulate that no urban residents should apply for homestead, and the original homestead should be withdrawn or paid for use.The current local legislation is not one size fits all, released in November 2021 in liaoning province to implement the land administration law of the People’s Republic of China to do in this field for seeking truth from facts, which make clear a regulation, in his country after returning back soldiers and settle overseas Chinese and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots, the need for housing without housing land, can apply for the homestead.Besides this article, this method still sets rural villager door to leave one child beside parents outside, other adult children really needs to divide door, and 3 generations above live together and already house base per capita building area is under 20 square metre, also can apply for house base.Objectively speaking, this local legislative provision of Liaoning province is practical and has a certain practical significance, which is worthy of reference for other local and national legislation.What do you think about this problem?