8 out of 9 for the 3-point contest!He really made a lot of money when the Clippers picked him no. 19

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The importance of three-point shot is self-evident in the small ball era. Three-point shot is a very threatening offensive means.Most players in the NBA can make threes, and a player can take a lot of threes in a game, maybe 10 or even 15.This article is about a sharpshooter. A player who hits 8 3-pointers in a game is not terrible, but he only takes 9 shots.Kennard scored 25 points in 23 minutes against Houston, hitting 8 of 9 3-point attempts with a terrific efficiency.Entering today’s game kennard was averaging 11 points, four rebounds and two assists per game and is a very good shooter.Kennard is a real attacking threat on the pitch.He’s a good shooter, especially at catch-and-shoot, and he’s in the top five in 3-point shooting at nearly 44 percent this season.He’s also averaging more than two 3-pointers per game.Kennard is an important spark and 3-point shooter for the team, who can open the floor and provide a superior containment when he is on the floor.Opponents never gave Kennard a chance, and today the young Rockets paid their dues. Their defense was completely dissected by Kennard.Kennard’s every shot, every move is just right, rockets young players can’t match.Clippers fans must be happy to see how well he’s playing. They didn’t pay too much for kennard.In November 2020, the Clippers first made a trade with the Nets, sending Shamet to the Nets for the 19th pick in the first round.He then sent the pick to Detroit for Kennard.Kennard was thriving with the Pistons before the trade, averaging close to 16+4+4 per game, but he has worked seamlessly with the Clippers and become a key player off the bench.It is worth mentioning that Kennard will participate in the NBA All-Star three-point contest this season, with his current hot form, Kennard is the favorite to win the three-point contest.In addition to his excellent three-point shooting skills, Kennard has some underrated offense.Kennard is not just a shooter. He was very good with the ball at Duke, and he showed that with the Pistons.He can drive the ball or stop for a shot. He can set things up. He’s a reliable player.So with George and Kawhi sidelined, the Clippers’ offensive firepower has nothing to do with Kennard.Kennard can bring a very significant offensive boost to the team, kennard is also a high ball player.Kennard has no great physical talent, plays with his head and already reads the game better than most players in the league.Kennard is currently playing five seasons.Kennard has failed to shoot at least 40 percent from 3-point range in just two of those five seasons, and he’s shooting a career low of 39.4 percent from 3-point range in a year, better than Curry is shooting from 3-point range this season.This kind of top striker is definitely an important chip for the team to win the championship.The Clippers made a big deal out of kennard, and we have to admit that the clippers chose their talent well, and Kennard is at the peak of his career with them.Readers, how do you rate Kennard’s season?Feel free to leave a comment below.