More than 1000 “lucky bags” for the “urban beauticians” who stick to their posts during the festival

2022-05-15 0 By

On the first day of returning to post after the festival, “Fu bag” came!On February 7, the labor union of guangzhou’s Conghua District sanitation Office carried out an activity to send more than 1,000 “lucky bags” to sanitation workers, wishing them peace and prosperity in the New Year.It is reported that the guangzhou Conghua District sanitation office consists of four comfort groups, respectively visited their respective departments, Tankou landfill, large object dismantling center, 7 garbage transfer stations and 7 agent cleaning service companies.The group expressed its high respect and heartfelt gratitude to the sanitation workers who worked on the front line during the Spring Festival, inquired about their living conditions and working conditions in detail, listened to their aspirations and wishes, and tried their best to solve their worries and difficulties.A sanitation worker who participated in the event said, “Thank you very much for the gift the union sent us. It made our hearts warmer.In the future, we will turn the labor union s love for us into an incentive to work harder to create a cleaner and cleaner city environment for our citizens.Source: Guangzhou Daily Editor: Xie Yishi First review: Wang Ruijun Review: Deng Zhancong