Local blizzard!Hunan traffic police issued a traffic safety alert for 2022 Spring Festival return trips

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On the sixth day of the Spring Festival holiday, the traffic police in Hunan province have been working hard to protect people on the road.According to the Meteorological observatory of Hunan Province, in the coming week, the temperature in the province will be low before and high after, with rainy (snow) weather.Influenced by the ground wet and cold air and southwest airflow, 8th June solstice process of freezing weather has a strong rain and snow, 6, and 8 late period for the strongest snowfall, local blizzard north of hunan, maximum snow depth 5 ~ 10 cm, high altitudes have frozen, minimum 2 ~ 0 ℃, the temperature will drop to – including six solstice 7 day southern hunan local heavy rain;After The 9th, most areas of the province mainly rain.The specific forecast is as follows: on The 6th (the sixth day), light rain will turn to sleet in the daytime in the northern part of Xiangxi, Zhangjiajie, central and northern Changde, northern Yiyang, northern Yueyang and northern Huaihua. Light snow or freezing will occur in the high altitude areas of northwest Hunan, and light rain will occur on cloudy days in other areas (Figure 1).In the evening, the range of rain and snow expanded and the intensity intensified. In the north of central Hunan, the sleet turned to moderate snow. There was heavy snow in the east of Zhangjiajie, Changde, Yiyang, the east of Yueyang and some areas in the north of Huaihua.There was heavy rain in the southern part of Huaihua, the southern part of Shaoyang, the northern part of Yongzhou, the central part of Hengyang and the central part of Zhuzhou (Figure 2).North wind force 3 ~ 4;The lowest temperature in north Hunan -1 ~ 1℃, 1 ~ 3℃ in other areas.(FIG. 1) (FIG. 2) On the 7th, the intensity of rain and snow weakened significantly.In the north of Xiangxi and the west of Zhangjiajie, in the south of Hengyang, Yongzhou, Chenzhou and Zhuzhou, it was cloudy with light to moderate rain. In other areas, sleet or light snow turned to cloudy (FIG. 3).North wind force 3 ~ 4;The lowest temperature in north Hunan -2 ~ 0℃, 0 ~ 2℃ in other areas.On The 8th, the snowfall intensified again.The overcast days in the north of central Hunan turned to light to moderate snow, among which the central huaihua, western Loudi, western Changsha and northern Xiangtan were mainly heavy snow, while the overcast days in Yongzhou and Chenzhou were light rain, and the overcast days in other areas were sleet (FIG. 4).North wind force 3 ~ 4;The lowest temperature in north Hunan -2 ~ 0℃, 0 ~ 2℃ in other areas.(Figure 3) (Figure 4) On The 9th, the intensity of rain and snow weakened.Xiangzhong north light snow or sleet to cloudy days, other areas of light rain.During the day from 10th to 12th, most areas of the province will have light to moderate rain, including heavy rain in the south of central Hunan during the day on 12th.On the evening of 12th, the weather gradually turned better from north to south.Cold air brings rain, fog, snow and other bad weather, it is easy to bring danger to driving!The traffic police in Hunan province reminds you that when you travel by car, you should ensure that the car is in good condition, know the road conditions and weather conditions along the way in advance, and arrange the trip reasonably. Do not overload passengers, overspeed, or fatigue driving. New drivers should try to avoid long-distance self-driving.Stay focused while driving. Don’t use mobile phones, wechat or text messages.To maintain a calm mind, to prevent road rage, chase racing, strong will cause traffic accidents.In case of traffic congestion to pass in order, do not plug the emergency lane, do not illegally occupy the emergency lane.In case of bad weather, we should adjust our travel plan in time and try to avoid driving in rain, fog and snow.Driving through sharp curves steep slope, long downhill and wet snow, icy road sections, to strictly control the speed, increase the distance between the car, into the curve should be slowed down in advance, must not rush direction, rush on the brakes, to prevent sideslip.Travel through rural mountainous roads, to slow down, pay attention to observe, do not force overtaking, forced passing.In the case of steep mountain slope, do not accelerate the slope, to avoid vehicle load climbing backsliding.Passing through towns and villages, markets, especially in the case of temple fairs, road congestion, pay attention to low speed through, comity pedestrians.When you travel by bus, you should go to the passenger terminal to choose a regular vehicle or a vehicle with the qualification of regular chartered vehicle operation. You should not take the “black car” that collects passengers through the network or outside the station.Resolutely resist the bus overcrowding and illegal operation of vehicles, found bus illegal behavior can be reported through telephone, SMS, double micro channels.Be sure to fasten your seat belt when driving to avoid being hurt in an accident.During the Spring Festival travel rush, there are many activities such as visiting relatives and friends, dinner parties, gatherings and celebrations. Remember not to drink and drive.Keep in mind that safety is the quickest way home