Let the concept of green environmental protection take root in the heart of Qingdao Liaoyuan Road street to carry out the daily activities of harmful garbage centralized delivery into the community

2022-05-15 0 By

Peninsula media reporter Xu Shuyan correspondent Liu Xuwei In order to further do a good job of urban household garbage classification work, improve the initiative of residents to participate in garbage classification, during the Spring Festival, Liaoyuan Road street to carry out the “harmful garbage concentration into the community” thematic activities.This activity takes accurate placement of hazardous waste as the entry point to encourage residents to actively participate in garbage classification, correctly understand the harmfulness of hazardous waste, properly dispose of hazardous waste, and root the awareness of garbage classification in their hearts.On the day of the event, the volunteer instructors of Spark program popularized the knowledge of household garbage classification for the residents, and taught the residents that common hazardous wastes in life, such as rechargeable batteries, old lamp tubes, expired drugs, expired cosmetics and pesticides, were all hazardous wastes, and explained the environmental hazards caused by not classifying them.At the scene of the activity, the residents put the harmful garbage into the harmful garbage collection box, and the staff issued small gifts to the residents who came to the site. The atmosphere of the activity was warm, and the residents said that they would actively participate in the garbage classification in the future, and do the guardian of the beautiful environment.Through this publicity activity, residents’ ability to distinguish harmful waste was effectively improved, residents’ understanding of garbage classification knowledge was enhanced, and the concept of green, low-carbon and environmental protection was deeply rooted in people’s hearts.