How to decorate the roof to better sound insulation?

2022-05-15 0 By

In daily life, often encounter the phenomenon between the neighborhood between the upper and lower floor because of the poor impact of housing sound insulation, resulting in unnecessary contradiction between neighbors, to this, a netizen suggests that although this kind of thing is small, but if often exist, both affect normal rest is not conducive to social harmony.Suggest concerned branch takes housing sound insulation problem seriously, standard building sound insulation standard, strictly supervise building company to press standard construction, eliminate, reduce this kind of influence.At the same time, it is suggested to actively research and develop new noise-reducing building materials to promote the upgrading and development of residential buildings.If you have bought a house, we can also reduce noise through certain methods when we decorate, the specific methods are as follows: 1, first in the need for sound insulation on the wall on 5cm keel (wood keel or light steel keel can be), the middle filled with 5cm gradient sound-absorbing cotton, external sealing gypsum board or carpentry board.You can use the decoration you need on the board.2, if it is glued up, you can choose hot melt adhesive.But sound-absorbing cotton does not have decorative function, so there are two disadvantages to do so, one is more ugly, the other is easy to dirty, dirty after more difficult to clean.3, in the home installation of sound insulation cotton, the material of sound insulation cotton must be very good consideration.There are many kinds of sound insulation cotton, common glass wool, rock wool, sponge, polyester fiber sound-absorbing cotton, gradient sound-absorbing cotton.4. After the installation of the sound insulation system, all the holes above the ceiling should be tightly blocked.5. The sealing material shall be made of materials with absorption and sound insulation properties.Special treatment should be carried out between the sealing material and the wall.Flexible vibration isolation material should be installed at the contact position of the pipe and the structure. The vibration isolation material should be in direct contact with the wall or the floor and treated with joint glue.1, in the interior decoration roof modeling height must be appropriate, or it will make us feel particularly depressed when we live, and too high will feel lonely and empty, so the interior decoration roof modeling must not be too high nor too low.2, if in indoor decoration modelling of the roof, ceiling ceiling height is not enough, you can not do the design of the condole top, filling and decoration is made directly on the ceiling, if indoor decorate the roof shape is too high, you can use the ceiling or for ceiling adornment gimmick, make the ceiling to fall, this is the best way.3, if in the room, the roof height is too empty, you can also do some special modeling, but it is not suitable for decoration is too complex.A flat ceiling or a layered ceiling can be used to deal with the interface transition between rooms.Article source: Leju buy a house