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1. Abide by the Constitution and laws, carry out the party’s educational policy, carry out the basic task of moral education, have good political quality and moral cultivation.2. Strong teaching and research ability, organization and coordination ability and team spirit.3. With solid basic theories and professional knowledge, be competent for teaching and scientific research of the position employed.4. Generally, a doctor’s degree and senior professional and technical position are required.1. First-level Outstanding talents: outstanding talents with an international vision and strategic vision for the development of the discipline, international influence in academic level, and outstanding achievements in the discipline.2. The second level talents: profound academic attainments, has the very high academic influence and reputation both at home and abroad, international counterparts in the scientific research aspects of original research of high level, or important in this field to make a groundbreaking work, capable to lead this subject to catch up with the international advanced level of national talents;Or its equivalent.3. The third level talented person, has higher academic influence in this field and academic reputation, important landmark innovation achievements in scientific research, in the frontier of the national academy of major requirements and forward-looking, innovative ideas, has led to catch up with this discipline ability of domestic leading level of national youth talent engineering project and the province departmental level talented person;Or its equivalent.4. Key talents of the fourth level: selected candidates of the provincial and ministerial Youth Talent Project with certain academic influence and reputation in their own fields and outstanding academic achievements in scientific research;Or its equivalent.Note: in addition to full-time introduction, high-level talents can also be flexibly introduced. The specific remuneration depends on the school working hours and work performance, etc. “one person, one case, one discussion”.High-level talents can send their resume and relevant electronic documents to the email address of the contact person of the secondary unit.1. Abide by the Constitution and laws and love the cause of higher education.2. Have good ideological and political quality and professional ethics, physical and mental health.3. Have solid professional knowledge and good development potential, have achieved certain academic achievements, and be competent for teaching and research work of the hired position.4. The applicant shall be under the age of 40, and the applicant shall be under the age of 45 with senior professional and technical positions (or with senior professional and technical positions working experience).Depending on the discipline and academic level, we will provide introduction fee of 200,000-600,000 yuan, research start-up fee of 80,000-200,000 yuan for science and engineering majors, 60,000-160,000 yuan for humanities and social science majors, and rental subsidy of 1000 Yuan per month (2 years in total).Especially good PhD and PhD professors “one case at a time”.Note: The introduction of doctoral candidates to apply for talent support programs or projects of national level, Shandong Province and our university will enjoy relevant funding and treatment after approval.Young doctors fill in the Registration Form of Applicants’ Information, attach the electronic version of personal scientific research achievements, paper retrieval, academic background, awards and other information, and send it to the mailbox of the contact person of the secondary unit in the form of compressed files.The probation period system will be implemented after the new staff comes to the school, and they will be employed formally after the probation period passes the assessment.View detailed recruitment information in shandong province shandong police college, according to the CPC shandong provincial party committee organization department, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security hall about print and distribute the provincial institution open recruitment in 2022 work plan notice (lu SheFa [2021] no. 18) requirements and college work demand, the faces the society public recruitment of professional and technical staff of 45,For the specific positions and conditions, please refer to “Summary Table of Publicly recruited Staff positions in provincial Public Institutions”.1. having the nationality of the People’s Republic of China;2. Abide by the Constitution and laws of the People’s Republic of China;3. Support the leadership of the COMMUNIST Party of China, be firm in political stance and have good conduct;4. Meet the relevant requirements of laws and regulations and open recruitment of staff by provincial public institutions.1. Applicants must meet the requirements of educational background, degree and major required by the post. Fresh graduates must obtain corresponding educational background and degree certificates before December 31, 2022.2. Applicants for the primary post of master’s degree holder should be under 30 years old (born after January 25, 1991);Applicants for intermediate positions should be under the age of 40 (born after January 25, 1981).3. Have the required professional knowledge and skills.4. Meet the physical condition and other conditions required by the position.In addition to meeting the general requirements of civil servant recruitment physical examination, the applicants should also meet the requirements of the special civil servant recruitment physical examination on the physical condition of the people’s police post.5. Applicants shall not be employed under any of the following circumstances :(1) persons who have been punished for crimes;(2) civil servants or members of public institutions, state-owned enterprises and associations are dismissed, dismissed or transferred within a time limit;(3) Organizing or participating in illegal organizations, cults, harmful Qigong organizations, mafia-like organizations or related activities;(4) those who have been punished by administrative detention for acts of gang fighting, theft, fraud, looting, robbing, extortion, etc.;(5) are listed as the target of joint punishment for trust-breaking according to law;(6) Suspected violations of discipline and law are under investigation and no conclusions have been drawn;(7) having been given a serious demerit record or a serious warning within the Party during their military service;(8) Parents, spouses or children who have emigrated to other countries, or siblings or other immediate family members who marry foreigners;(9) Those who have studied, worked or lived abroad for more than 6 consecutive months, and it is difficult to investigate their experience abroad;(10) Incomplete information, unknown personal experience, and unclear historical status in the personal archives of “three ages, two calendars and one identity”, which makes it impossible to conduct effective investigation;(11) other circumstances in which it is prohibited to be employed as a staff member of an institution according to laws and regulations;(12) Full-time college graduates or active servicemen;(13) Other circumstances under which people’s Police shall not be employed as people’s police as stipulated in the Measures for Political Investigation of Recruitment of People’s Police by Public Security Organs.6. In accordance with the Regulations on The Withdrawal of Personnel Management in Public Institutions (Regulations of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (2019) No. 1),And staff with the relationship between employers and immediate blood relations, collateral blood relatives within three generations relationship, closely related by marriage and other relatives (including parents children, form a nurturing relationship after the parents and children, and the resulting lineal relative, collateral blood relatives within three generations, and closely related by marriage) of the candidate,They are not allowed to apply for positions of organization (personnel), discipline inspection and supervision, audit, financial work and positions with direct relationship between superior and subordinate leaders.This recruitment information is released to the public through the website of Shandong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Shandong Provincial Department of Public Security and Shandong Police College.Web site address: shandong province human resources and social security hall hall: http://hrss.shandong.gov.cn;Shandong province public security department: http://gat.shandong.gov.cn;Shandong Police College :http://www.sdpc.edu.cn.1. Registration time: from the date of information release to 17:00 on February 18, 2022.2. Registration method and requirements: Submit the application materials by email, the registration email is rsczp@sdpc.edu.cn, the subject of the email is “position + major + name” (such as: Teacher 1 public Security major Zhang 3), each person can apply for only one position.3. Application materials (please send electronic version of all the following materials for registration, and the original and copies must be provided during the on-site qualification review) :(1) application form for open recruitment of staff of shandong police college;(2) ID card;(3) Education and degree certificates recognized by the state from the period of specialized science;(4) Full-time college graduates should submit the employment recommendation form;(5) For on-the-job applicants, submit a letter of introduction of approval issued by a competent department or unit;(6) Professional and technical qualification certificates (provided by personnel holding professional and technical positions);(7) 1-inch recent color bareheaded photo with white background;(8) Relevant certification materials (proof of major and research direction, CPC Member certification, certification of major student cadres, various awards, etc.);(9) Letter of commitment for good faith of applicants.After the deadline of this open recruitment, the college will start the procedures of qualification examination, written examination, interview, physical assessment, inspection and physical examination.Recruitment information will be posted on the official website of the university regularly.The results of written examination, interview, inspection and physical examination shall be published on the official website of the university in a timely manner and subject to social supervision.(iii) After the registration for qualification examination, the applicants shall conduct preliminary qualification examination according to the application materials provided by the applicants, and call qualified personnel in advance to conduct on-site qualification examination according to the progress of epidemic prevention and control.Recruitment qualification examination runs through the whole process of recruitment.Applicants must truthfully submit personal information and make a written commitment.Those who provide false information shall be disqualified after examination.Examination The examination is divided into written test and interview.According to the relevant regulations of open recruitment in provincial public institutions, the positions for doctoral recruitment can be organized by direct interview with simplified procedures.1. Written test The written test mainly tests the comprehensive quality and ability of the candidates, mainly including: policy theory, law and related professional knowledge level, comprehensive analysis and problem solving, written expression ability, etc.The full score of the written test is 100 points. In order to ensure the basic quality of the new recruits, the score line for the written test is 60 points.The written examination shall be conducted by unified examination, unified standard and unified marking.The written test will be announced to candidates in advance depending on the progress of epidemic prevention and control.Venue: No.2555, Zhanglai Road, Zhangqiu District, Jinan city, Shandong Province.2. Interview (1) Scope of the interview candidates for the primary post interview from the applicants who have reached the score line of the written test, according to the recruitment positions and the number of recruitment from high score to low score according to the published proportion, and according to the prescribed procedures for the public announcement.Recruitment will be cancelled if there are vacancies in the number of people who have passed the written examination;Reach not to take an examination of the scale, according to the actual number of qualified candidates to determine the interview.Vacancies caused by abandonment or disqualification will be filled on the basis of written examination results.Candidates for intermediate positions will be selected according to the number of qualified applicants.(2) Interview content Interview mainly inspects whether the applicant has the basic quality, basic skills and professional basic knowledge and theoretical accomplishment required by the post.(3) Interview form The interview adopts the way of trial lecture and defense, the implementation of on-site scoring, on-site announcement of results.The total score of the interview is 100 points, and the score of the trial lecture and the defense account for 50% each.According to the relevant regulations of the open recruitment of provincial public institutions, the qualified score of the interview is set at 60 points, and those who reach the qualified score of the interview will enter the range of physical fitness assessment.After the interview, the primary position according to the written test score, the interview score account for 50% of the proportion, using a percentage system to calculate the total score of the exam.Simplified procedures for direct interview positions, interview results are the total score of the exam.Written test scores, interview scores, total scores are counted to two decimal places, rounded to the mantissa.The specific time and place of the interview will be announced later.(v) Physical fitness Assessment According to the total score of the examination, the candidates who enter the physical fitness assessment range will be determined in a ratio of 1:2 from high score to low score.Physical fitness assessment refers to the Physical Fitness Assessment Items and Standards of The People’s Police Employed by The Public Security Organs (Interim) (Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (2011) No. 48).The evaluation items are: “10 meters ×4 round trip”, “men’s 1000 meters, women’s 800 meters”, “vertical jump touch high”.Results of physical fitness assessment will be announced on the spot.Physical fitness assessment is a standard assessment, physical fitness assessment qualified, can enter the scope of investigation.(6) Inspection and Physical Examination Among the qualified personnel in the physical fitness assessment, according to the total score of the examination, from the high score to the low score in a ratio of 1:1.5, the candidates to enter the scope of inspection and physical examination will be arranged in the same order.Political inspection shall be carried out in strict accordance with the Regulations of the Public Security Organs on The Work Of Political Inspection by the People’s Police, and shall be carried out in various ways according to the requirements of the post. Political standards shall be given top priority, and the main aspects of inspection shall be ideological and political performance, moral quality, professional ability and work achievements.And whether the applicants in accordance with the provisions of the post conditions, the relevant information provided by the material is true and accurate review.The physical examination is carried out in general hospitals above the county level with reference to the General Standards on the Revision of civil Servant Recruitment Physical Examination (trial) and civil Servant Recruitment Physical Examination Operation Manual (trial).Notice on relevant Contents (Issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (2016) No. 140), Notice on Printing and Distributing Special Standards for Civil Servant Recruitment Physical Examination (Trial) (Issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (2010) No. 82) and other relevant provisions shall be implemented.If the reexamination is required according to the regulations, it shall not be carried out in the original hospital. The reexamination can only be carried out once, and the result shall be subject to the conclusion of the reexamination.Applicants who fail to take part in the physical examination according to the specified time and place shall be deemed to give up automatically.The vacant positions formed by inspection, unqualified physical examination or automatic abandonment will be filled by the candidates who enter the same position for inspection and physical examination.Inspection and physical examination will be notified later.According to the results of examination, physical fitness assessment, inspection and physical examination, the list of personnel to be employed shall be determined and publicized on the website of provincial Public Security Bureau and Shandong Police College within 7 working days.The list of persons to be employed will not be replaced once published.Upon the expiration of the publicity period, if there is no problem or the problem reflected does not affect the employment, it shall be employed and reported to the provincial Department of Human resources and social Security for examination and filing.Those who reflect the impact of the problem on employment and verify it shall not be employed.Those who have been approved for employment shall go through relevant procedures, sign employment agreement and employment contract and establish personnel relations by virtue of the Notice of Recruitment for Record of Public Institution.The employee shall be employed in accordance with the provisions of the probation period. Those who pass the assessment at the expiration of the period shall be formally employed, and those who fail to pass the examination shall be discharged from the employment contract.For detailed recruitment information, please refer to the website of Shandong Human Resources and Social Security Department and Liaocheng University