Enping city liangxi town, the village secretary as a good “waiter”, broaden the masses to increase income and prosperity

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“Thanks to Secretary Lao, we have a bumper crop of potatoes this year.”Farmers in The Heping village Committee of Liangxi Township in Enping city are in raptors these days because potatoes from their fields have found a suitable buyer, thanks to Lao Tailin, the first party secretary in the village.Liangxi town is known as the “hometown of four potatoes” reputation, farmers planting potatoes for a long time.In previous years, around March is the peak season of potato sales, customers from all over the country will come to Liangxi to buy potatoes, which is also a good time for farmers to earn income.Due to sufficient rain this year, crops ushered in a bumper harvest, the town planted more than 5,000 acres of potato harvest of about 12,000 tons.Luo Tailin believes that selenium-rich potatoes produced in Liangxi town are of high quality and good price, and must deserve a bigger market and better price.Therefore, how to help liang Xi selenium-rich potato to broaden the market has become the top priority of Lao Tailin’s work.Since March 3, Lao Tailin insisted on going into the field every day to understand the latest sales situation of potatoes to farmers. At the same time, by reporting the situation to the higher authorities, docking e-commerce platform and multiple contact with buyers, and other ways to actively expand the market for Liangxi potato.With the unremitting efforts of Lao, meituan Preferred, an e-commerce platform, bought potatoes at slightly higher than the market price.In the following week, potato buyers came to liangxi’s fields.”As long as farmers need me, I am willing to do my little to help them, which is what party members and cadres should do.”Facing the farmers’ thanks, Lao Responded with a smile.At the same time, Lao Tailin made the assistance work in villages more specific and responsible, focused on exploring innovative development models, and worked hard to solve the problems of planting, sales and market connection of sweet potato crops, helping farmers develop characteristic industries, realizing stable income increase, and giving a boost to rural revitalization.Town and village cadres help potato growers connect with businesses and sell potatoes on the platform editor: Zhang Weifeng