“All came to the door of the return used to who ah!”Gao Tingyu this interview, old domineering

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Gao Tingyu of China won the men’s 500m speed skating final in 34.32 seconds at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Sunday, breaking an Olympic record and winning another gold medal for China.Gao Tingyu used two words to answer “grid road” a quiet scene……What do you think of the “flag-bearer Curse”?Gao tingyu said: “no pressure on the flag bearer is to lead the Chinese army to victory!”How does it feel to break the record?Gao Tingyu, the honest champion, said: “In the competition, the real work is at home, who are you still used to?”Gao Tingyu said, “Is my personality very slow or lazy? I mainly like the feeling of speed when I skate, and the wind blows.” What would you like to say to the villagers?Gao Tingyu said: “We all worked so hard to invite you to dinner during the Spring Festival.