With a drop of 6.65%, the market value is only 33.9 billion yuan, which is really bitter for the 320,000 minority shareholders of Suning!

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When The Times abandon you, may not even give you a chance to say hello.Spring childe had said that Suning had been chasing The Times, but was eventually abandoned by The Times.A few days ago, Suning Tesco released performance reports, Suning’s losses up to more than 40 billion.The loss of Suning was even higher than the market value of Suning. At that time, many netizens said that all the risks of Suning Were released, and then Suning’s stock price would stabilize.But is that really the case?Suning’s shares plunged another 6.65 per cent when China’s A-shares opened today, leaving the company with A market capitalisation of just 33.9bn yuan.Capital markets have already voted with their feet.Just bitter suning’s 320,000 small shareholders ah!Open the annual chart to see Suning, truly belongs to its highlight moment only just listed to 2017 this short four years, followed by a long shock finally through 15 years of mad cow staged the last crazy and then called a bow.Su Ning can be said to be more famous than the strength of the typical, debut is the peak, and then only legend.Calculate an account for Zhang Jindong: after the withdrawal of 45 billion yuan of net assets, the nominal net assets are only 20 + billion yuan. After deducting 20 + billion yuan of misappropriated advance payments, The net assets of Tesco have returned to zero. It seems that Suning Is only maintaining a dead body with 140 billion yuan of debt.The first phase of the new retail fund agreement requires Zhang Jindong to buy back the first phase of the shares at a price of no less than 5.9 yuan, with 10% of the earnings. Zhang Jindong may feel a fool when facing the high price of a pile of stocks with the bottom of the debt.Whether united credit lenders are fools or near East fools, perhaps only time will tell!Time to heaven and earth are the same force, transported to the hero is not free.Quit when it’s time to quit.Let competent people go up and do what is in line with The Times.Zhang Jindong will eventually have to pay for their own recklessness, today’s Suning is not as good as before, and even gone.I remember Liu Qiangdong once said: it is difficult for people who remain unchanged to find a way out, let alone be the boss of an enterprise.Don’t look at the traditional industry today, the surface scenery is infinite, behind the ground has already been riddled with holes!Suning is a typical player who is crippled by the concept of e-commerce and new retail.In the past few years, Suning did not focus on the “Wal-Mart + Amazon” model, but engaged in a specious ecology, stepped into the pit should not tread on.In fact, Suning’s family is not bad, retail, real estate, finance are laudable, the problem is last year’s two pits are trampled, how many can not be saved back.Suning dilemma: The logic behind Suning is illogical, zhang’s expansion in the past 10 years only proves that this road is illogical.The question is: ten years ago, Tesco retail was unprofitable. Can a focus on its main business make money now?I remember the corporate culture of Suning has a saying: “Personality first, moderate ability”, how to understand this sentence, good personality, to be a good obedient child, ability is not the most important?Nowadays, all the big factories are desperately trying to grab talents. Talents can be used and occasionally bring small surprises to the company. It can be seen that Suning has lost in corporate culture!Only innovation can promote the progress of history. The transformation of Suning again and again is nothing more than a small play on the Internet without any real innovation. It has been a monkey business for nearly 10 years, and the outcome of today was decided 10 years ago.