The “super-projects” of a trillion yuan scale are counted in the east and west, and these directions will benefit first

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Here comes the big news!Four ministries and commissions jointly launched the project, and eight cities started the construction of national computing hubs, marking the official launch of China’s “numeration in the East and numeration in the West” project.This super tuyere will leverage 8 times of relevant industrial investment, with a scale of over one trillion yuan. Who will be the link of Z first influenced by Y?It can be said that the influence of the east to west calculation will go far beyond the west to East gas transmission and south to North water diversion.Because it can not only solve the problem of energy shortage and limited space of data center development in the east, but also make full use of the rich green energy and wasteland in the west to promote the rapid development of digital economy in the west.Improve the country’s overall level of computing power.More importantly, it will drive 400 billion yuan of investment every year, leveraging investment in related industries as high as 1:8.So which link benefits first, how should we grasp?It’s simple. It’s all about power.And computing power needs an information network to carry and transmit, so IDC and big data cloud computing are expected to benefit first.IDC:Under the policy environment of “east and West”, the energy consumption index of first-tier cities is becoming stricter. In first-tier cities and their surrounding areas, IDC leading companies with strong foundation and deep cooperation with Internet and cloud manufacturers have their advantages becoming increasingly prominent. ICT equipment and optical modules of related companies such as Baoxin Software, Halo New Network, AofI Data and Kehua Data are the foundation of computing power network.Data center + cluster construction work force rising demand is expected to promote servers, switches, routers, optical module of expansion and upgrade, Suggestions on unisplendour, zte, ZhongJi solectron, new Yi Sheng, day first communication operators, its in the Midwest have larger force layout, and public and edge cloud is also growing rapidly,It is expected to continue to improve business efficiency, and it is recommended to pay attention to China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom.In terms of temperature control equipment, green and energy-saving development of data center + stricter PUE control is expected to continue to promote its demand. It is suggested to pay attention to Invek and Jiatuan.The emergence of each market opportunity needs to rely on the correct operation to achieve, want to seize a better opportunity to friends, more intuitive grasp the turning point of the trend, you can see my home page @ source of xin financial  Li Xin, investment consultant registration number: A0190613110001 Risk tips: investment has a risk, the market needs to be cautious