Taian Maternal and child Health Hospital successfully treated children with rare hemophilia complicated with acute appendicitis

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Recently, taian Maternal and Child Health Hospital pediatric surgery three departments, together with the hospital’s six departments (children’s blood oncology), surgical anesthesia and clinical laboratory and other related departments, in the case of high bleeding risk for a rare type of hemophilia with acute appendicitis surgery, the child recovered well after the operation, has been discharged smoothly.”The simple operation for appendicitis is very simple, but the difficulty is that the child is a rare type of hemophilia (XI coagulation factor deficiency), and some indicators of coagulation analysis have reported critical values. There is no finished drug treatment, which can only be supplemented by plasma infusion. The child is also allergic to plasma, which is quite troublesome.”Feng Zhiqiang, director of the department of pediatrics, Taian Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, said that the operation of rare hemophilia complicated with acute appendicitis was successfully completed through pre-operative preparation, diagnosis and evaluation through multidisciplinary collaboration.Tongtong (pseudonym) is 8 years old. She was admitted to hospital last year due to acute appendicitis and was found to lack factor XI. She has been receiving conservative treatment.It is understood that Tongtong’s parents went to a number of hospitals, all due to hemophilia (lack of XI factor) type is rare, difficult treatment, difficult operation, high risk of bleeding, the answer is that “the operation should be done as soon as possible, but the risk is too great, it is difficult to ‘get down to the operating table’, the hospital does not have the conditions”.After receiving this special child, Feng Zhiqiang realized that this was not a simple “acute appendicitis”, and immediately organized a consultation of six departments of pediatrics, laboratory and other related departments, and formed a hemophilia operation team.According to seal zhiqiang introduction, hemophilia is a group because of heredity coagulant active enzyme to generate the disorder that causes haemorrhagic disease, at present common hemophilia has two kinds, namely coagulant factor VIII lacks or coagulant factor IX lacks person, slight knock against brings about bleeding likely more than, endanger life even haemorrhage.However, XI coagulation factor deficiency is a rare hereditary hemorrhagic disease and a rare type of hemophilia.The operation could not be carried out until the clotting function returned to normal, but worse was to come.”XI coagulation factor deficiency can only be treated by transfusion of plasma. When we gave her blood, we found that she was allergic to plasma.”The hospital children inside six division director Yang station said.Team for how to develop the preparation plan to ensure clotting factors of intraoperative bleeding and postoperative healing and maintain the bleeding during rehabilitation, such as the demand, after several rounds of rigorous exams experts, finalised the allergy treatment, after the steady state, try to shorten the operation time, precision hemostatic operation scheme, and during and after the surgery recovery using hemostatic treatment,Solve the hemostasis problem.”At that time, I thought that if the clotting function was recovered, I would immediately carry out the operation. When the blood transfusion showed that she was not allergic to the plasma, we immediately negotiated and arranged the operation in the afternoon.”Yang station told reporters.On the operating table, every bleeding spot during the operation could become a site of catastrophic post-operative bleeding, with surgeons going back and forth to stare at each spot to stop the bleeding.After a short time, the operation was successfully completed.The formulation of postoperative treatment plan for children is also adopted after detailed and rigorous demonstration.Eventually, Tongtong went through all the difficulties and was discharged smoothly.