View of the 2022 Spring Festival Gala

2022-05-13 0 By

New Year’s Eve, the annual Spring Festival Gala finally began, there are a variety of programs, crosstalk sketches, singing and dancing.What impressed me most was shen Teng’s sketch.Shen Teng play is a loan not to return the old lai, live all day on tentersides.One day the creditor came again to collect his debt, but he did not want to pay the money, so he pretended to be ill.When the creditor saw that he was so ill, he lent him 2000 yuan to cure his illness.But when the creditor explained the purpose, he said: “or we before the matter is wiped clean!”At last the creditor said sadly, “We borrowed the money from you out of trust!Do you remember?When I was a child, I borrowed you a tape, you lost, you said that I would find out to return, not find out to compensate me for a new box, then you scrimped and saved, really compensate me for a new tape.That’s when I thought, you’re a man of your word and worth being with.Now, your behavior is really letting me down.”Looking at the back of the creditor to leave, Shen Teng also conscience, finally all the debts are also.This sketch let me understand: life to abide by credit, but also to correct mistakes!Every year our whole family lounges on the sofa, eating snacks and enjoying the happiness and comfort of the Spring Festival.But the actors in the Spring Festival Gala have to stay up late, up on the stage, singing and dancing, for us to bring laughter.Their dedication is worthy of our respect!So no matter what program it is, we should enjoy it seriously.Every year keep in front of the TELEVISION to watch the Spring Festival Gala, has become our family tradition and habit!