Liaoning province made clear the schedule for coordinated development of “one ring, one Belt and two regions”

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Reporter Hu Hailin dong Hanbo Li Yue Qianjun will be a feather, weight in balance.Coordination is an inherent requirement for sustained and sound development.A good solution to the problem of coordinated regional development bears on the overall revitalization and development of the region.The Three-year Action Plan of Liaoning Province to Promote coordinated Development of one Ring, One Belt and Two Regions (hereinafter referred to as the Plan) has been published recently, clarifying the timetable and task book of work in this regard.On February 16, the information Office of the provincial government held a press conference. Relevant officials of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission interpreted the document and answered journalists’ questions.In recent years, the provincial Party Committee and government attach great importance to the promotion and implementation of the regional development pattern of “One ring, one Belt and two districts”.Province 13th congress will accelerate the “and” a circle area of liaoning regional harmonious development as the next five years to promote the development of a major strategic task, clear the development direction and focus, put forward to strengthen the provincial plan as a whole, to strengthen the overall design, perfect the propulsion mechanism, exert comparative advantage, forming the exhibit, the development situation of synchronization and joint improvement.This year, the work report of the provincial government also proposed that the province formulated and implemented a three-year action plan to promote the momentum of “one ring, one belt and two districts”.Provincial development and reform commission relevant controller introduces, for the implementation of save the 13th party spirit and work deployment, provincial party committee and government, the provincial development and reform commission with municipalities and departments focus “and” a circle area development function, main objectives, major tasks and safeguard measures and other aspects, to strengthen the overall design and the further investigation and study, combined with the actual development in full,The plan was formulated by carefully absorbing the opinions and suggestions of the provincial CPPCC and other relevant parties, carefully planning major projects, key projects and important reform and innovation measures.”Solution” embody four aspects: one is pay attention to reflect the new development concept, adhere to the concept of complete, accurate, comprehensive implementation of new development throughout the whole process of regional development, fully embody the innovation and development, coordinated development, green development, open development, share the development request, pay attention to the development of grade, maintain strategic concentration, unswervingly promote the development of high quality;Second, pay attention to the strategy of rejuvenating liaoning, to build “a circle area and regional development pattern of” strategic layout, fully embody the “security” maintenance political mission, completes the structure adjustment of the “three big article”, construction of “digital liaoning, intelligence to build strong province”, build a new frontier opening to the outside world, such as strategic requirements, strive to build high quality development sector support and motivation system;Third, we should give full play to the comparative advantages of each region, highlight the “twin cores” of Shenyang and Dalian, take into consideration the resource endowment and development characteristics of each region in an overall way, strengthen strategic coordination and division of labor and cooperation, promote rational flow and efficient concentration of factors of production, and encourage each region to develop its own strengths and work together for common development.Fourth, we should focus on the presentation and implementation of requirements, integrate overall design with concrete implementation, establish working mechanisms, focus on high-quality projects, major projects, and reform and innovation measures, promote engineering, project implementation, and inventory management, and ensure that all targets and tasks are met with high quality.The regional coordinated development of Liaoning is inseparable from a clear strategic positioning, so as to make overall efforts, forge ahead in the whole region and upgrade as a whole, and then realize the beauty of each other and the beauty of the United States.According to the plan, Shenyang modern metropolitan area should be built into a national new-type industrialization demonstration area, a livable place for high quality life in north China, a model area for collaborative innovation in modern metropolitan area, and a leading area for all-round revitalization of northeast China.The Liaoning Coastal Economic Belt should be built into a pilot zone for the optimization of the industrial structure in Northeast China, a pilot zone for economic and social development, an important international shipping center in Northeast Asia and a zone for Marine economic development and cooperation, and a new pillar of China’s opening-up and cooperation.We will build a coordinated area for northeast Revitalization and the Coordinated Development strategy of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, as well as a barrier for green and ecological security in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and Liaoning regions, and create a new growth pole for high-quality economic development in Liaoning.East Liaoning Green economic zone should be built into key ecological function area, green industry agglomeration area, whole area tourism demonstration area, to build the province’s ecological civilization construction model area.The province proposes that after three years of efforts, major progress should be made in the construction of “one belt, one belt and two zones”, a plate supporting system and power system for high-quality development should be basically formed, the radiation driving role of central cities should be significantly enhanced, the coastal areas and hinterland should interact positively, and regional development should be more coordinated.The Plan specifies the three-year development goals:Shenyang modern metropolitan circle 1 hour traffic circle basic built, forming a batch of super billions, has led the characteristic industrial cluster, the added value of manufacturing strive to reach 30%, the proportion of GDP in shenyang area GDP strive to reach 1 trillion yuan, the added value of strategic emerging industries strive to reach 15%, the proportion of GDP region urbanization rate more than 85%;The Liaoning Coastal Economic Belt has become the main engine driving high-quality development in Northeast China. The annual growth rate of utilized foreign investment and total import and export exceeded the national average. Dalian’s GDP exceeded 1 trillion yuan, and the added value of strategic emerging industries accounted for 15 percent of the region’s GDP.During the same period, western Liaoning was integrated into the pilot area of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development strategy and formed a pattern of linkage, coordination, complementarity and mutual benefit with the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. The growth rate of regional GDP was higher than the provincial average, and the growth rate of fixed asset investment reached 15%.Liaodong an increasingly important role in the green economic zone “green lung” in liaoning, important ecological security barrier, green economic system preliminary formation, visibility significantly increased global tourism, forest coverage rate, further improve the forest volume growth of 7.7%, the added value of tourism and related industry proportion of GDP has reached 5%.Put forward the key tasks of each region on the “one circle, one Belt and two regions” relevant parties will undertake specific tasks, what needs to do next, at the conference, the relevant person in charge of the provincial Development and Reform Commission gave a detailed explanation.The exemplary and leading role of Shenzhou-University “Dual core” should be enhanced.The relevant person in charge of the provincial Development and Reform Commission said that the “plan” clearly supports Shenyang and Dalian to take the lead in development, explore and carry out high-quality development pilot experiments, explore and innovate in a higher level, deeper level and wider field, and be the pioneer and leader in the high-quality development of the province.At the same time, the solution surrounding the construction of shenyang national center city, the construction of dalian northeast Asia ocean city, to strengthen the “dual-core” coordination, etc., put forward to speed up the construction of “four center a hub” shenyang, dalian, speed up the construction of “four center base”, collaborative push LiaoZhong south urban agglomeration and linking the national independent innovation demonstration area construction key tasks.In speeding up the construction of shenyang’s modern metropolitan area, it is necessary to give better play to the effects of urban cluster agglomeration and radiation, industrial synergy and city integration, cultivate the capacity of connection, convergence and diffusion, and build a new industrialization demonstration zone and an important growth pole for northeast China’s revitalization and development.Focusing on optimizing the layout of development, promoting facility connectivity and building an innovation community, the plan proposes to promote the integrated development of Shenfu-Fuzhou city, build an infrastructure network, and strengthen the in-depth integration of the innovation chain and industrial chain.In promoting the development and opening up of the Liaoning Coastal Economic Belt, it is clear that we will speed up the construction of the “Two priority zones”, strengthen industrial division and cooperation, expand and strengthen the Marine economy and port economy, participate in regional cooperation in Northeast Asia at a high level, and build a new platform leading the opening-up and cooperation in northeast China.With a view to creating a new frontier of opening-up, implementing the innovation-driven development strategy and building a modern industrial system, the plan calls for unblocking major sea and land passageways, building high-quality platforms for opening-up, and strengthening key and core technologies.Focus on building activities in beijing-tianjin-hebei forerunner area, collaborative development strategy in our province must be clear geographical advantages, deepen and beijing-tianjin-hebei, two-way flow of resource factors, focus on the introduction of innovation resources, foster advantage industry cluster together, the construction of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region oriented green agricultural products supply base, clean energy supply, tourism and leisure destination.Focusing on strengthening the integration and docking with the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei corridor, industries, platforms, markets and ecology, the region proposes key tasks such as improving the comprehensive transportation system, strengthening the docking and cooperation of the entire agricultural industry chain, and promoting the integration of the cultural, tourism, and health care markets.How to speed up the construction of green economic zone in eastern Liaoning province, our province proposes to build a green and low-carbon industrial system, strengthen ecological compensation, strengthen the role of water resources security, and create a win-win cooperation, dynamic, open and rich green development demonstration zone.Focusing on the construction of key ecological function zones, green and low-carbon industrial agglomeration zones, all-region tourism demonstration zones, and improving infrastructure support capacity, the paper puts forward the key tasks of comprehensively improving forest ecological functions, strengthening biodiversity protection, and optimizing and strengthening mountain economy.The press conference also proposed that the province will focus on key areas and key links, creatively plan and implement a number of reform measures, form a number of high-level institutional innovation achievements, break down the institutional and mechanical obstacles restricting the coordinated development of regional development, and constantly enhance the power and vitality of regional development.