Bonus in hand!Durant is an All-Star and will make $1.15 million without playing

2022-05-13 0 By

As we all know, Durant has played a strong performance again this season, although he missed a month, but he is the top scoring player so far, super scoring ability, also let him become the east vote king, two consecutive seasons as the All-Star captain.Thanks to the all-star change, Durant made an easy $1.1 million.According to salary expert Bobby Marks, durant will receive the $1.15 million bonus regardless of whether he is selected to play in the All-Star game after activating the incentive clause in his contract by being an All-Star and captain.Last summer, Durant signed a four-year, $194 million supermax contract with the Nets that included $5.14 million in incentives for making either the All-Star or All-Nba teams — $1.15 million, $1.24 million, $1.32 million and $1.43 million over four seasons.If you go to the All-Star game and win, there’s a million dollars.Although it is not much for durant, he didn’t care, but at least can prove how well this season, he averaged in the garage was reduced by 7 points, soaring, durant scored up from 27 points soared to nearly 30 points, he has been able to do ignore the opponent’s score, especially the mid-range shots.Durant’s return is expected as the Nets have lost six in a row and will fall out of the top eight.With Kyrie Irving out full time, James Harden out with an injury, Lamar Adder injured, and Harris out for the season, the Nets’ only hope is durant’s return.It is worth mentioning that Nash revealed in another interview that Durant is likely to return before the All-Star break.But not for the next week.Do you think the Nets will make the playoffs this season without Durant?