Reveal the National football Team!Why did Xu Xin fail?Is Dai Weijun the best player in the Super League?Consider very fear

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After finishing the two World Cup preliminary matches, the National football team returned to China by special plane on February 3.For Li Xiaopeng and his team, this is a very difficult period of time.Not only the fans can not understand, it is estimated that Li Xiaopeng also can not understand why he led the team performance than the predecessor Li Tie even worse.The 2-0 loss to Japan was a complete defeat, and in fact could have been an embarrassing one had it not been for a bit of bad luck.However, losing to Japan we also recognize, after all, no matter how optimistic people, also dare not expect the National football team to beat Japan.But the next game against Vietnam was an eye-opener, a humiliating 3-1 loss to Vietnam on the first night of the Chinese New Year.There is no denying the strength of the Japanese team, with a number of overseas players, and all of them are the main force of the five major leagues, China’s national football team has no comparable assets.So how did the National football team lose to Vietnam?Is the strength of the National football team really even Vietnam can not win?That’s not the case. If we take a moment to think about it, there are a lot of things wrong with this game.The best player in the game was the 22-year-old Dai Weijun, so the question?Is Dai Weijun strong?Was he the best player in the CSL last season?Is his ability really stronger than xu Xin, Wu Xi, Wang Shanchao and Wu Lei who also started?In the 2021 season, Dai played 19 games for Shenzhen in the Chinese Super League, starting 12 of them, scoring 3 goals and 2 assists.His name is nowhere to be found on the league’s scoring and assists charts.Why is Dai Wei-jun performing better than most of the older players?The reason is very simple, this is his first time in the national team.If we recall the first six rounds of World Cup qualifiers coached by Li Tie, the fans strongly called for Luo Guofu and Alan to start. Besides, one local player was also favored by the fans, he was Xu Xin.The early substitution of Xu Xin and Luo Guofu in the 1-1 draw with Oman was cited as a major factor in the team’s failure to win.Xu’s performance has been recognized by the media and fans alike as better than that of Wu Xi, Zhang Xizhe and other midfielders.However, although Xu xin scored the only goal in the last two games, he was regarded as one of the worst players.Why only passed 2 months, Xu Xin is not good?The reason behind this is extremely frightening. There seems to be a very bad team culture within the National football Team, namely the bad culture. If someone performs well, he or she will be isolated and unable to integrate into the group.That’s the real worry, and it explains why first-time or newly promoted players usually do well, only to be assimilated by their teammates and quickly relegated to mediocrity after a few games.The defeat to Vietnam was very similar to the 5-1 defeat to Thailand in which most of the players did not want to kick well, did not move actively and defended with staring eyes.Li Xiaopeng’s control of the team was not as good as Li Tie’s, which eventually led to the “tragedy”.Why don’t they want to play?Only they can answer for themselves.