Ning Yuan: Multiple measures to resume work and production safety prevention “first hand chess”

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Massachusetts moment on February 17th – (correspondent He Xu He Dan Huang Yang) to return to work after a solid quarter enterprises and production work, resolutely prevent and contain all kinds of production safety accident occurs, ningyuan county by conducting resume work and production safety production supervision, education and so on, many measures and enhancing enterprises defenses, under good resume work and production safety “Julio cruz chess”.In yongzhou Yuanwei sports shoes industry Co., LTD., staff are helping and urging enterprises to improve the resumption of work and production procedures and measures.Yuanwei shoes is located in the western industrial new town of Ningyuan County, mainly produces and manages various international famous brand sports shoes, and its products are sold to more than 70 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Japan and Australia.On February 8, when the company resumed work, its attendance rate reached more than 94 percent, and it is now working hard to meet this year’s orders.”Our orders have been lined up from January to August this year, and the orders are very sufficient. After the commencement of the project, we have started production at full capacity and actively. It is very likely that we will expand the production line to fulfill our orders.”Yongzhou far wei sports shoes industry limited company xiangli generation help wu said.Before the resumption of work, the company arranged specialists to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the water, electricity and machinery of the factory. On the first day after the resumption of work, the company organized safety production training for all employees to ensure the safe resumption of work.”Train our staff, explain the precautions, and then check all the plugs, as well as the power switch, the machine switch is normal before you can operate.”Company employee Liu Min said.To constantly promote the safe production knowledge into the brain in mind, ningyuan county urged businesses use resume work kick-off, briefing, warning education and training to carry out the safety propaganda, at the same time, crack down without approval to return to work rehabilitation and return to work and production without hidden governance illegal illegal activities, fight companies to return to work and production, in spite of ensure safety production, safety construction.Ningyuan County emergency Management Bureau mining industry and trade unit deputy chief Wu Qian said:”Not to carry out the production resume work requirements, production safety conditions, safety training does not reach the designated position, etc to make problems may not return to work and production of enterprise, strengthen enterprise services at the same time, in view of the problems existing in the enterprise to return to work and production, scheduling plan as a whole, ‘a companies policy work measures, the implementation of specific help, to guarantee enterprise organize return to work rehabilitation.”