Guide to avoid potholes in decoration: These 6 designs are best not to touch, the house is dressed to do not want

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Decoration is a very easy to step on the pit of things, especially most owners do not have any decoration experience, completely led by the nose, wearing their state of mind collapsed.Today summarized 6 blood and tears lessons, are my own experience, I hope you as little as possible to step on pits.One, lighting poor do not brush gray wall paint as early as two years when the decoration is very popular “senior gray”, then resolutely gave up the white wall of the sitting room, brush the gray wall paint.However, the carefully chosen colors ended up rolling over.Because the daylighting in the home is general, the gray of large area has kind of dark cloud to press the depressive feeling on the top instead, when cloudy day is more apparent, also may be color is too deep, anyhow whole sitting room seems to narrow on the vision.The living room is dark, the later period used all kinds of soft outfit to feel can not save, there is no sense of warmth, still not as good as the white wall!So even if feel white wall drab, also suggest that we do not use dark gray or other dark color department of color as the ground or metope main color, especially in the home lighting is poor, otherwise after the installation is bound to be a disaster.2, toilet floor tile does not want to stick dumb light archaize brick when decorating, thinking dumb light archaize brick can prevent slippery than bright face brick, then toilet ground resolutely stuck dumb light brick.Did not think of however, the friction force of this kind of brick is big prevent slippery because the surface is not smooth, come so inevitable easy hide dirt and dirty.After the installation, the ground is full of cement and glue marks, using all kinds of methods, even on the steel ball, not clean.In short, every time after using the toilet cleaning is particularly laborious, all stains at a glance, really anxious to smash and reinstall.Three, cabinet door do not stick to the skin sense film cabinet door followed the trend of choosing the skin sense film in recent years, to be honest, texture is no words, the level of appearance is also very high, but the experience is really negative points, simply regret to no good.In the kitchen this kind of heavy greasy place, grease stains and other dirt will inevitably touch the cabinet, once touched, it is really hard to erase.If you choose a dark color, the stain will be more obvious.The skin sensitive film is not only easy to show dirty, but also especially fingerprint, if the daily cleaning does not match detergent and fish scale cloth, the whole cabinet I want to throw out.It is recommended that you honestly install the paint door, if you really have an obsession with the skin sense film, you can try the South Korean LG-PET skin sense film, according to the feedback this film will not appear the above problems, but it is not cheap, and it is easy to buy fake.Four, the living room does not install crystal chandelier crystal chandelier is good-looking, but installation and disassembly cleaning really kill ah!The crystal ball of a big box and crystal piece, one by one go up, the cervical spondylosis of the installation master really don’t think well.At the beginning there were two crystal lights in the home, but the master was installed from eight o ‘clock in the morning to five o ‘clock in the afternoon, I am embarrassed.Crystal chandeliers used for a long time, extremely easy to accumulate dust.Taking it down and washing it is definitely a big job.Although someone unlocked the crystal lamp in the dishwasher, he lost half his life when he washed it and put it back in.And the height of the case is not enough, it is not recommended to install crystal chandeliers, otherwise really depressed.Five, bathroom hardware accessories do not choose black black bathroom hardware accessories is indeed higher than ordinary silver, but if the home is not to do the whole house soft water, it is best not to install.White water stains and scale on the black hardware accessories is really very obvious, is definitely a big thunder.Be afraid of corrosiveness again with clean fluid, brush brush also be afraid to get hardware fittings to drop paint, such embarrassment.Six, ceramic tile without white seam agent is pasted in the kitchen with white ceramic tile, thinking of using white seam integrity is strong and beautiful.In fact, white is indeed a versatile color, but it is really not recommended to choose this color for sewing, because it will obviously become yellow after two or three months.Do sanitation special headache, really is the blood lesson!Above six points we can collect slowly look, be sure to remember to avoid pits!Want to know more about decoration knowledge, you can pay attention to me!