A man lied that he was a doctor and cheated a huge amount of money with three women, two of whom were colleagues

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Since 2017, a man in Guangdong province has been in love with three women through an online social networking platform as a doctor and a boss, and for various reasons, defrauded them of a huge amount of money.Two of the women were colleagues and found out they had been scammed while chatting.On January 18, 2022, the Third Municipal People’s Procuratorate of Dongguan publicized details of the case in accordance with the law.Qin Shou (pseudonym), male, born in 1986, han nationality, junior high school, registered residence in Gaozhou city, Guangdong Province.In April 2017, Qin shou met Fang through a social media platform and lied to her about his true identity and married status, pretending that he was luo Zihao, a doctor at a hospital in Dongguan city. Later, they fell in love.After further gaining fang’s trust, Qin Shou borrowed money from Fang on the pretext that “he had a car accident and hit a person”, “he got nose cancer and venereal disease”, “he was in the fruit business”, “grandma was sick” and “car loan”.Fang, who was in love, fully trusted the so-called “doctor boyfriend” and transferred more than 260,000 yuan to Qin Shou through wechat and Alipay.After qin Shou received the money, he used it to repay credit card debts and gambling debts, and maintained a romantic relationship with Fang until he was arrested by the public security organs.At the end of 2019, Qin shou deceived Cui by the same means and asked Cui to give him a Huawei P40 phone worth 4,888 yuan under the pretext of “his birthday”.He borrowed 10,000 yuan from Choi on the grounds that his grandmother was sick and used it to pay back credit card debts and gambling debts. He also maintained a romantic relationship with Choi until he was arrested by the police.On May 1, 2021, brush Qin Shou trill know a victim li mou, this time he changed routines, call themselves “precious little liu Yang”, also make a seafood wholesale boss’s identity, then in a variety of reasons, successively from somewhere diddle 24000 yuan li mou, Qin Shou will cheat money to repay credit card debt and gambling debts, and maintain relationship with li mou some,Until arrested by the public security organs.It is ridiculous that so-and-so and Li or colleagues, two people in the chat that the boyfriend of two people are Qin Shou, only to realize that they were cheated, two people find the victim Cui so-and-so, together to the police station to report to the police.After the incident, Qin Shou took the initiative to chang Ping branch chang Ping police station to cooperate with the investigation.The prosecution believed that Qin Shou ignored the law of the state and defrauded public and private property with a huge amount. The facts of the crime were clear and the evidence was indeed sufficient. Therefore, the criminal responsibility should be investigated for the crime of fraud.The case was heard at the Third People’s Court in Dongguan, Guangdong Province.