Why are Chinese stewardesses more attractive than American ones?

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Why are Chinese stewardesses more attractive than American ones?In fact, American stewardesses are also very young and beautiful in the beginning.Before 1978, the ticket price in the United States was regulated uniformly. In order to gain more market share, airlines could only win competitors by service quality, and beautiful stewardesses were the best guarantee of quality.There were even rules that flight attendants had to be unmarried and there were strict weight requirements.But with the liberalization of ticket prices, airlines can cut prices to compete, and there is no need to pay more to hire beautiful stewardesses.In addition, because of labor law, it is too expensive for airlines to fire older stewardesses, resulting in the proportion of older stewardesses increasing year by year.According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics, 21.5 percent of flight attendants are 55 and older, while only 20 percent are under 25.The deeper reason is that in developed countries there are more and better industries to choose from than aviation, such as finance, such as investment, real estate, and beauty, as a scarce resource, will naturally flow to places with higher returns.