Valentine’s day limit | PPT do font/color/picture is unified, how simple?How important is it?

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Hello, this is Demo Logic.Today is Valentine’s Day, we borrow a group of Valentine’s Day theme PPT, to explain a very simple thing: in PPT to achieve the importance of font, color, picture unity.This is also the core of our PPT design at work.People in four western cities celebrate Valentine’s Day in China.But back to our theme today, analyze the problems of the original PPT: fonts are not unified, colors are not unified, pictures are not unified.Some fonts are italic, some are not.I used 4 colors.The size and resolution of the four pages are not uniform, and there are even watermarks.If you want to modify, it is ok to make adjustments to these problems.The second step: make the page frame first to build the frame, in fact, these 4 pages of content is not much, we will all crammed into one page can.The contents of the four cities are juxtaposed with each other.So the headline is “How to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the West” and put it on top.Four cities are arranged horizontally in the body of the text using four rectangular text boxes.Fill in the content.The third step: beautify 1, do 60 minutes (expected to take 10-15 minutes) beautify before determining the color scheme, because it is the theme of Valentine’s Day, found a Picture of Valentine’s Day on the network, which can be seen in red, orange.Two main colors were extracted and the auxiliary colors were determined by color matching tool.On the basis of the draft page, I did the following things: Background color: light red gradient title: Main color (Deepen) Section title: Main color (deepen) Body: Main color Rectangle text box: red gradient + light red shadow Finally add the English name to the right of the city name of the section title, and then I changed it.Actually, is it difficult to do PPT design?Is it difficult to unify fonts and colors?But the effect is obvious, and this slide is more than enough for a normal business presentation.2. Score 70 (estimated time: 15-30 minutes) Based on the above, you will find, where did the picture go?That’s plus.The four rectangular text boxes above have a lot of white space below them, where the image is placed.How to choose pictures?Be able to assist in the presentation of the text.Analyze 4 texts to find alternative targets for images: Eiffel Tower/Sacre Coeur Cathedral, Milvio Bridge/Concentric lock, Central Park/horse-drawn carriage, Capacabana Beach.If you can find one, you can use it here.3, do 80 points (expected to take 30-45 minutes) in the text box design, there are other ideas.What else can you think of when it comes to Valentine’s Day?Like writing love letters.Early people wrote love letters and sent them through paper letters.Let’s try a rectangular text box that looks like a letter.It’s a little bit more graphic, with a Valentine’s Day theme.You can also add back the 4 images you just used, but be careful to match the current yellow background.What else do you think of on Valentine’s Day?Sending flowers to each other!At the end, you can find some petal elements as the decoration of PPT.Before and after: What other ways can you think of to change the valentine’s Day theme?.Pay attention to me, teach you more work PPT skills.