The starting salary for fresh graduates is 8000+. Is your child up to the standard?

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As spring recruitment approaches, the biggest worry for parents of graduates must be whether their children can find suitable jobs.Looking at the children in the neighborhood one by one has received satisfactory offers in advance, it seems to be effortlessly, how to fall on their own children to find a job has become a century problem that the whole family is busy.The most difficult thing every year is the graduation season. Many parents begin to believe that employment starts from school choice. Senior three students, who have not started to go to college, should consider which major is good for employment after…Parents also began to poke poke of the investigation, children spell results, parents spell news.So, as a new batch of freshmen who will be born in 2022, which major should they choose to find a good job?After all, for the college entrance examination, the choice of voluntary choice is also a crucial part of influencing life trajectory.According to the Ministry of Education, the number of college graduates in 2022 is expected to reach 10.76 million, an increase of 1.67 million over the same period last year, hitting a record high in both size and increase.In the context of the severe epidemic situation and the complicated employment situation, which majors can still achieve a good employment prospects for 2022 college graduates?First of all, let’s take a look at the salary ranking of college graduates over the years. We can see from the above data that the salary level of science and engineering majors is relatively high. The industries they are engaged in can be basically divided into infrastructure-type energy, intelligence-intensive computer, or management posts and technical posts.However, these industries are all industries with high professional and technical requirements, high technology content and relatively high requirements for academic qualifications, which also means that the talents in these positions are more irreplaceable.Let’s look at the ranking of a group of majors with low salaries for fresh graduates. This data shows that the majors with low salaries are mainly distributed in manual industry, minor languages and infrastructure construction, which have low requirements on professional ability and high job mobility.Many parents may say that it would be better for me to choose science and engineering when I choose a major for my children, but in fact, science and engineering is only part of the professional employment situation is good, and some science and engineering majors are in a transitional period, which was in urgent need in the past, but now the supply exceeds demand.Moreover, many engineering colleges are the product of the era of planned economy, and their positioning also needs to be adjusted.When looking at the income list, do not regard salary as absolute. We should not simply look at the superficial figures, but also look at the housing price and consumer index of the region (city), and even look at dynamic change, hidden income and social contribution.The data analysis industry is undoubtedly one of the highest-paying industries for fresh graduates to enter. Since 2018, enterprises have been carrying out digital transformation. The demand for talents in the field of big data in the first and second tier cities is very strong, and the demand for talents in the third and fourth tier cities will also increase in the next few years.In the field of big data, The development of China is relatively late. Since 2016, only more than 200 universities have opened majors related to big data. That is to say, the first batch of graduates in 2020 have just entered the society, so the current ability cannot meet the requirements of enterprises.Data analytics are now used in almost every industry.Among them, finance, e-commerce and Internet industries are in great demand for data analysis positions, followed by corporate services, entertainment, data services, tourism, online games and other industries.At the same time, the demand for data analysis in medical care, real estate, communication and other industries can not be ignored.It also reflects the wide range of employment areas for data analytics talent.According to the statistics of a recruitment website, the average market salary of data analysts is 11,637 yuan, and the average salary in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou is two to three thousand yuan higher than that.It can be seen that his salary is also very attractive, and he has a good prospect of data analysis in the future. 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